Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Seven

The next day, as Ruth and Emily were going to the school, Ruth noticed that there were police everywhere talking to students and teachers alike. The police looked very serious.

Emily looked up at her older sister. “I guess word about the attack yesterday traveled.” She said.

Ruth nodded. She hoped that Mr. Wilson’s secret wouldn’t get out. She didn’t want him to be fired. She wanted to try to convince him to let her be a Knight. She knew that she could be a good Knight and that whatever those weird monsters were that had attacked the school yesterday would be back again.

A man in a brown trench coat and a suit went up to Ruth and Emily. “I am Detective Anderson.” The man told the two. “According to a Mr. Jacobson, you two were present for yesterday’s excitement. Is that correct?”

Ruth nodded. “We didn’t see much. We stayed in the classroom for the most part.” She replied.

Detective Anderson raised an eyebrow. “According to Mr. Jacobson, you two and another student took off running after the fight was over.” He said. “Care to explain why you all ran?”

Emily stepped forward. “We wanted to get to a safe place.” She answered quickly. “School is supposed to be a safe place and when three creatures showed up with swords, school wasn’t safe anymore.”

Detective Anderson looked at the little girl. He could tell that there was something that she wasn’t telling him. He was able to tell when someone was lying and this kid was definitely lying. “According to the surveillance system, one of them called themselves a knight.” He let that sink in before he continued. “So what do you two know about knights?”

Ruth laughed. “Knights?” She asked. “You mean like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table or the Knights Templar?” She hoped that she sounded convincing. “Detective Anderson is it? I hope you’re not telling me that knights from medieval times are running around here because that sounds so…fictional.” Ruth looked at Emily. She really hoped that her little sister wouldn’t blow Mr. Wilson’s cover.

Detective Anderson sighed and wrote down what Ruth said. “Well, if you two can think of anything else that would be helpful to this case, do come down to the police station and talk to me.” He told them before he walked away.

Ruth and Emily looked at each other. “You should get going.” Ruth told her little sister. “I need to check on Mr. Wilson to see if he is still working here or not.”

“What will you do if he decides to leave the school?” Emily asked.

Ruth didn’t answer. She looked at the high school part of the building. Mr. Wilson was the only lead she had to becoming a Knight. She really wanted to become one and help fight the monsters.

Inside the school building, Ruth knocked on Mr. Wilson’s door before she opened it. “Mr. Wilson?” She asked. She saw Mr. Wilson at the window looking out at the parking lot. “Mr. Wilson, are you okay?” Ruth asked him.

Mr. Wilson looked at Ruth before he nodded. “I just had to lie to the police like I did when I was a teenager.” He replied before he walked to his desk. He sat on the edge of his desk. “The Knights back then always kept their identities a secret. We never told anyone, not even most of our families, who we were. The only non-Knight who knew who we were was Damian’s mother. She helped create the Knight Changers.”

Ruth was surprised to hear all of that. “Your parents never knew?” She asked.

Mr. Wilson nodded. “Master Renard, our leader, told us to keep it a secret to protect everyone else.” He explained. “It’s part of the reason why I don’t want you, your little sister and your friend to become Knights. To be a Knight is no easy picnic.”

Ruth shook her head and she sat down at her seat. “Mr. Wilson. Taylor, Emily and I can’t pretend that what happened yesterday didn’t happen. We all know that monsters are real, that Knights are real, that the police will keep looking into this and that the monsters might come after us too.” She told her teacher. “Even if Emily is too young to join, I still want to become a Knight.”

Mr. Wilson sighed. “I’m sorry Ruth but the answer is still no.” He replied. “I can’t bring you three into all of this.” He gestured to the door. “Now get to your first class.” He told her.

During lunch, Taylor and Ruth were eating with their grade in the cafeteria. The two of them were at their own table. “I take it Mr. Wilson is still refusing to let us become Knights.” Taylor said. She could tell that that was what was on Ruth’s mind.

Ruth nodded. “He said it’s too dangerous for us.” She told Taylor. “As if he has any right to decide that. He even said he was a teenager when he first became a Knight.” It was unfair in Ruth’s eyes. “Mr. Wilson is a hypocrite for thinking that.”

That was when it happened. The school building shook. Everyone stopped talking and looked around.

“What was that?” Taylor asked.

“I have no idea.” Ruth answered before her eyes widened as the school shook again.

Someone screamed. Ruth and Taylor turned to the entrance of the cafeteria. There were several reptilian humanoid monsters, a weird lizard looking monster and the biker dude.

Stygian pointed his blade at the students. “Attack them!” He shouted. “Force Knight Poison to appear!” He watched his Tyricons and Lizinator charge the students. He would do whatever it took to make Knight Poison come out of hiding.

Ruth and Taylor ran out of the cafeteria through a side door. “We need to get to Mr. Wilson’s room and see if he has anymore of those Knight Changers.” Ruth said to Taylor as they ran. “With how many monsters there are here, Mr. Wilson will need as much help as he can get.”

In Mr. Wilson’s room, Mr. Wilson raised his Knight Changer up. “Knights.” He said. A silver glow appeared around him and his Knight Poison uniform appeared over his clothes. Knight Poison slid his Knight Changer into the front of his belt, making his cobra staff appear.

Knight Poison turned to the door as it opened. It was Taylor and Ruth. “What are you doing here?” Knight Poison asked them.

Ruth looked at Knight Poison. “Mr., I mean Knight Poison, the biker guy from yesterday is back and he’s not alone. He has several monsters with him.” She told him. “You can’t fight them all on your own. You said that the Knights were a team, right? Let us be your team.”

The school building shook again. Knight Poison looked at the two girls for a few seconds before he went to his desk. He opened it and removed two Knight Changers. “Take these and say “Knights”.” He told the girls. “You’ll become Knight Tyranno and Knight Petra.”

Ruth and Taylor both looked at each other as they took the Knight Changers. Ruth looked at hers. It was blue and had a golden tyrannosaurus head on it. Taylor looked at hers. It was green and had a golden pterodactyl on it. They both raised their card cases up. “Knights.” They said at the same time.

A blue glow surrounded Ruth. A blue bodysuit appeared over her body. Silver chest armor, silver gauntlets and silver boots appeared on her. Her helmet was blue and had a tyrannosaurus head theme to it. Her visor was silver and right under the tyrannosaurus’s eyes. A tyrannosaurus head appeared on her left wrist. A silver belt appeared on her. Ruth slid the Knight Changer into it.

A green glow appeared around Taylor. A green bodysuit appeared over her body. Silver chest armor, silver gauntlets and silver boots appeared on her. Her helmet was green and had a green wedge-like beak image appear down the center of her silver visor. Two green wings appeared on the back of her silver chest armor. On her left wing was a card inserter. A silver belt appeared on her. Taylor slid her Knight Changer into the front of it.

Knight Poison looked at them. “You are now Knight Tyranno and Knight Petra.” He told them. “Now let’s get going. We have a school to save.”

In the cafeteria, Stygian’s Tyricans had all of the students that were there huddled together in the center. The Tyricons were grunting and holding their curved blades menacingly.

Lizinator went up to Stygian. “There’s no sign of Knight Poison.” He told Stygian. “What should we do now?”

Stygian looked at the students. “How unfortunate…for them.” He said. “Start hurting them. Maybe if he hears them crying, he’ll appear.”

Lizinator took a step towards the students when he was blasted at from behind. Stygian and the Tyricons turned towards the source of the blast.

Knight Poison, Knight Petra and Knight Tyranno were there. “Step away from the students.” Knight Poison told Stygian and his forces.

Stygian frowned. There were now three Knights there to deal with. He wasn’t about to let that stop him. “What will you do if we don’t?” He asked.

Knight Poison lifted the hood of his cobra staff before taking a card out of his Knight Changer and slid it into the cobra staff. His curved blade appeared in his hand. “I’ll have no choice but to destroy you.” He replied. He looked at Knight Tyranno and Knight Petra. “Knight Petra, you take on his foot soldiers. Knight Tyranno, you face the lizard monster. I’ll fight Stygian.”

Stygian pointed his blade at the three Knights. “Attack!” He shouted. The two forces charged in at each other before fighting.

Knight Poison’s sword and Stygian’s sword clashed together. “Who sent you?” Knight Poison demanded. He knew that Stygian had to be working for someone and he wanted to know who it was.

Stygian laughed as he slashed at Knight Poison, sending the Knight stumbling back. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Stygian replied.

Knight Petra ducked and twisted her way through the Tyricons. “You guys are way too slow.” She said as the foot soldiers kept missing her. She grabbed onto one and flipped over him, kicking him in the feet from behind and sending him into a couple of other Tyricons. “Some advice, never face a gymnastics girl.”

She drew a card from her Knight Changer. “I really hope that this is a good card.” She said as she slid it into the card inserter. A double-bladed sword appeared in her left hand. She broke it into two separate swords. She started slashing at the Tyricons, sending them flying back. “Hardly a challenge.” She said.

Knight Tyranno lifted the jaw of the tyrannosaurus head before drawing a card out of her Knight Changer. She slid the card into the tyrannosaurus’s mouth before closing it. A blue lance appeared in her hand. “Cool.” She said before she looked at Lizinator. “You’re in trouble now.” She pointed the lance at Lizinator before she ran towards him. As the tip of the lance hit Lizinator, Lizinator exploded and disappeared into digital codes.

Stygian, seeing that he was outnumbered looked at the three Knights. “This is far from over.” He said before he took off running.

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