Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Eight

After school that day, Mr. Wilson, Ruth, Emily and Taylor were all in Mr. Wilson’s secret base. “Emily, your older sister and Taylor have become Knights.” Mr. Wilson was saying. “Do you still want to become one?” He asked.

Emily looked at her older sister and Taylor before she looked back at Mr. Wilson. “I want to help you guys fight whatever this new enemy is.” She replied. “They’ve already attacked our school twice. Our friends were put in danger because of them. So I want to become a Knight to protect them.”

Mr. Wilson smiled and took out a pink Knight Changer. Emily looked at it. There was a golden triceratops on it. “Welcome to the team Knight Tria.” He told Emily.

“Oh yeah!” Taylor cried excitedly. “That biker guy has no idea what he is up against!”

Ruth nodded. “Whatever he has, we can defeat.” She said.

The Benefactor shoved an empty shelf over. He couldn’t believe that he had lost to his old enemy. Stygian and Bubble Gumstar were standing behind him. They looked nervous. “You had the upper hand, had Knight Poison’s students cornered,” The Benefactor said, getting angrier and angrier with each word. “And you ran away once you saw that he had help!”

The Benefactor spun around and raised a black Knight Changer up. On the cover of it was a golden stag. “Knights!” He shouted. A black glow appeared around him. A black bodysuit appeared over his body. Black chest armor, black boots and black gauntlets appeared on him. A black helmet with black stag horns appeared on his head. He slid the Knight Changer into his belt and a black staff with two horns that had a card inserter between them appeared in his hand.

Stygian and Bubble Gumstar both backed away from the Benefactor. “This is far from over!” The Benefactor shouted. “The war has just begun!”

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