Dawn of Te Deum

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Aaron Beltran had always been an inferior character in reality. Nothing could ever go his way, and the night of his twentieth birthday was the day he hit the lowest point in his life. His old car broke down. His high school sweetheart dumps him. And to top it all off, his elder father fell down the stairs. Nothing could hurt him anymore. Nothing except a meteorite. In the year 2050, monstrous meteorites hit Earth at an astronomical rate. Scientists soon found that the meteorites harbored substances not native on Earth, and those who were nearby genetics had mutated. They call these unknown substances - neoplasm - a new growth. They say it's a new type of cancer, but soon, humanity will find out the truth. The truth of a new era - where the chosen ones will prosper above the weak. Aaron Beltran was content with being one of the chosen until he found out everything is a lie. Given a second chance, Aaron will change the future.

Adventure / Action
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Author's Note


Please do not have expectation for a completion of this book on any of my public platform (Inkitt and Wattpad) as this story will be enter in a Dreame contest. It is one of the requirements to enter.

The chapters will be release almost everyday, until the contract is signed. To support me, please read Dawn of Te Deum on Dreame.

Dawn of Te Deum is not connected to any of my other series.

Thank you :)


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