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Follow the story with Berry the Loveheart in the Cartoon Universe, on Planet Zepther, in his hometown "Fight Falaya". Berry's a young sarcastic but prideful boy that only wants to live up to his name as a Loveheart. Through his story, you'll meet several other interesting characters that may out rank Berry, but will also prove worthy to overrule not just in physical strength and not through friendship and equality either, but through suffering & hardship.

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Volume 0 - Prologue


Little girl voice: Wake up dad.

Dad: Not right now.

Little girl voice: Yes right now, you got an adventure to go on.

Adult girl voice: I suggest you wake up, before you make her upset.

Dad: Well I wonder which side she gets that from.

Adult girl voice: Say that again punk!

*The adult female punches the dad.*

Dad: Ooooofff!

Little girl: You made mommy mad.

Dad: I didn't even do anything.

Mom: Yeah right.

*She tosses a packet of a paper.*

That's the job from your client, they said they'd like you to exterminate the problem immediately tonight.

Dad: Say Light?

Light: Hmm?

Dad: When did the job level increase?

Light: Whatcha mean? Wasn't it a Level D mission?

Dad: It increased to S.

Light: Just in one day?

Dad: Yeah, crazy right.

*While they were talking. They were also ignoring the daughter and Light just now notices*

Light: Lovio.

*She points at their daughter*

Little girl: How dare you ignore me!

Lovio: Oopsie, now what kind of punishment do I get for ignoring you.

*He smiles at her.*

Little girl: You have to give me a piggy back ride to the kitchen, so I can make you breakfast.

Lovio: How could I say no to my dear Lola.

*He bows his head to her.*

Lola: You never could.

Light: Lola, think you could make one more for me?

Lola: Absolutely!

*She gets on her dad's back.*

Onward my dragon.

Lovio: Whatever you command.

*He pretend roars while running towards the kitchen.*

Light: Make sure you have a clean station first!

*She walks to the kitchen behind them.*

[A few moments of eating breakfast and passing through the day later]

Lovio: *Lovio does one handed handstand push ups.*

67, 68, 69. What's wrong honey?

*He continues doing onehanded handstand push ups.*

Lola: *She says poutfully.*

I can't do handstand push ups.

Lovio: Well you gotta build up muscle first.

Lola: But I always eat healthy food.

Lovio: Not just with food honey. You also gotta start with the basics.

Lola: What are the basics?

Lovio: *He stops and gets back on his feet.*

Well the basics first are "Stretching", but you do that everyday.

Lola: Yep.

Lovio: The second part of the basics are 4 main courses of daily exercise. First you got "Push Ups", second "Sit Ups", third "Squats", and lastly a good "Run". You wanna start with push ups?

Lola: Yes sir.

Lovio: Alright, you seen me do them before, so you should know how to get into position.

*Lola gets into a push up position but she has her butt sticking up.*

(Alright nevermind) Lola, you don't want your butt sticking out.

*He helps her get into the right position.*

There, now do you think you can do one?

Lola: Absolutely.

*She struggles to do her push up.*

Lovio: Don't force yourself, alright?

Lola: *She does her pushup then falls on the floor, heavily breathing.*

Yes sir.

Lovio: *He picks her up.*

Don't sweat it, you're starting out the way I was as a kid.

Lola: Then I'll have to get better everyday.

Lovio: That's more like it.

Light: You two seem to be having fun in here.

Lovio: *He puts Lola down.*

We were just training.

Light: Training her for what?

Lovio: You know, just in case someone decideds to pick on her someday. They'll see they messed with the wrong person.

Lola: I wanna get strong like daddy one day.

Light: Yeah I bet you do.

Lola: He was showing me how to do the basics of exercise.

Light: I saw y'all, but right now daddy is gonna have to put it on hold, cause he has to pack up.

Lovio: Is it about that time already?

*Light raises her right eyebrow up*

Alright fine.

Lola: Aww.

Lovio: I know and we just getting to the good part of training.

Light: You can train her after your mission.

Lovio: Yes ma'am.

*He gets up & head towards Light. He feels something grabs onto his leg. When he looks down, he sees its his daughter.*


Lola: I don't want you to go yet. I still have so much I wanna do with you today.

Lovio: *He picks her up.*

Honey, I gotta go, but I won't be gone for long. It'll be only be for a couple of hours.

Lola: Promise.

*She looks at him.*

Lovio: I promise.

Light: While you get ready, why don't you help mommy with clothes before they get wrinkly?

*Light holds out her arms.*

Lola: Ok.

*Lola goes into Light's arm. Light walks off with Lola to the backyard.*

Light: You remember the way I showed you how to properly fold clothes.

*She puts Lola down.*

Lola: I think so.

*Light hands her a shirt.*

Light: Its alright if you don't remember. Take the sleeves, fold them back, then you fold the-

Lola: Mom?

Light: Yes?

Lola: How come you wear a shirt but no pants?

Light: Well um, to be honest...

*She blushes intensely. Lola looks at Light with a confused face.*

I'll tell you when your older.

Lola: Huh?

Light: Just don't think about it. You know what.

*Light activates her Color Power and the clothes starts folding automatically.*

There, we're all done.

Lola: Wow. Your pretty cool mommy.

Light: You really think so?

Lola: Absolutely. I wanna be cool and strong like you and daddy someday.

Light: Well if you work hard enough, I'm sure you will. Speaking of sweetheart. Have you thought of what you want your Color Power to be?

Lola: No ma'am I haven't, but when I do. I'll make it a cool power like no other.

Light: Well I can't wait to see what your mind comes up with.

Lola: Are we done now?

Light: Yes, why don't you go bother your father for a bit while you can, he should be done packing his small bag anyway.

Lola: Yay!

*She runs off to Light's & Lovio's room.*

Light: But honestly. When did she learn to ask a question like that?

*She takes a look at the sky and see's the sun going down.*

Man time flew by so fast, where did the rest of the day go?

*She then hears Lovio playing with Lola.*

And he thought he was gonna be a horrible father.

*She chuckles a bit.*

Told ya so.

*She walks in the house with the folded clothes to their bedroom.*

Lovio: Now lets see which part of this fighter has a weak spot.

Lola: None! Because I'm invincible.

*She poses heroically.*

Lovio: We'll see about that.

*He starts tickling her & she starts bawling her eyes out.*

Sure don't seem invincible to me.

Lola: That's cause your tickling me!

Light: Ahem.

*Lovio stops tickling Lola and pays attention to Light.*

The sun's going down.

Lovio: Already?

*Light shakes her head yes.*

Geez, time flys by.

Lola: Aww, does that mean I have to go to bed?

Lovio: You know the rules kiddo.

Lola: Aww! But I don't want you to go yet.

Lovio: I'll be back before you'll wake up, watch me.

Lola: Would you put me to bed before you go?

Lovio: *He looks at Light as she puts the folded clothes down and she nods yes.*

How could I say no to you.

*He picks her up and takes Lola to her bed.*

I don't have much time, so I'm only going to be able to sing you a short song, ok?

Lola: I'm good with that.

*He puts her down in her bed and tucks her in.*

Lovio: Now which song should I sing?

Lola: What about the one with the machines that live on an island with talking faces and wheels for feet?

Lovio: That one is to long, you'll have to pick something else.

Lola: How about the one where the lonely vampire plays her bass at night?

Lovio: Lola honey, why are you choosing long songs when I said short songs?

*She tries to ignore him.*


Lola: *She says in sorrow voice.*

I just want to spend every moment I have with you, I don't want you to leave yet.

*She grabs onto him.*

Lovio: You know I'll never leave you, not for anything in this universe. You and your mother are very precious to me and will always be in my memory.

*Light watching from behind wipes a tear off her eye.*

Lola: Memory.

Lovio: That's the one you want?

*She nods her head yes.*

Alright, first you gotta get into sleeping position.

*Lola covers herself in her blankets.*

Eyes closed.

*She closes her eyes.*


🎵In a world
Just for you
Is the path you wove
Even though you're new
And for just a boost
I'll be there with you
To make sure you not black & blue🎵

🎵It may seem all scary when going through
But Lola, I promise
We're always here with you
And when things starts to fall apart
And you start forgetting who you are
I want you to remember🎵

🎵The light
That shines
Your memories of not bye
The times
You always smiled forward
Cause you stayed a good girl
That's how I always want you to pull through
Cause you're brave against the world
Even without us, you'll make it through🎵

🎵Your the light
That shines
This whole entire universe
There's no such thing
As goodbye
Cause you'll always be remembered
Everything sets your world
Its how you'll come to know it
Your my heart of the love
Memory is what shows it
My black & white, Lovekin🎵

*By the time he finishes. Lola is sound asleep. Lovio kisses her forehead goodnight and walks out of her room with Light back into their room.*

Light: And you thought you'd be a bad father.

Lovio: I don't know what you are talking about.

Light: Liar. You know good and well what I'm talking about.

Lovio: I don't know, I think you'll have to remind me.

Light: *She starts laughing a bit.*

This another one of your "Short Term Memory Losses"?

Lovio: Who's to say. If a specific someone could remind me.

Light: Sure.

*She pokes him and he falls on the bed.*

Lovio: Alright I admit it, but that's only because I was scared of what our child would think of me.

Light: *She takes a seat on the bed.*

Your not that bad. If anything, your a better parent than me.

Lovio: What makes you say that?

Light: Come on, its obvious who's the favorite.

Lovio: I'm pretty sure Lola doesn't have a favorite.

Light: Oh yeah, and how do you know?

Lovio: How many times has she called you mommy?

Light: Yeah I guess your right on that part.

Lovio: Or how many times has she asked you embarrassing questions?

Light: Ok enough, you made your point.

Lovio: Hehe. But ya know, what if Lola got an little sibling to look after.

Light: Seriously?

Lovio: What?

Light: It was hard enough raising her till she gained intelligence.

Lovio: It wasn't that bad, you had fun moments.

Light: And desperation of sleep.

Lovio: But we did say we wanted two children, remember.

*He sits up on the bed and scooches up behind her.*

Light: Lovio, you know good and well you can't do this right now. You got a mission to go on.

Lovio: Yeah I know, but Lola's asleep and the night is young, my love.

Light: That still doesn't change the fact you got a job to do buster. You can wait till after you come back.

Lovio: Well how about you see it like this. I always make sure I get my work done even if I'm a little late. So may I please be a little late this time? And besides, it'd be nice if Lola had a playmate around here.

Light: I swear you can be impatient sometimes.

Lovio: Only for you and only you.

*He wraps his arms around her waist.*

Light: *She chuckles & blushes a bit.*

You're lucky I love you. You smooth talker.

Lovio: I love you too.

*He kisses her cheek & lays back down with Light.*

Light: Oh Lovio.

[The scene fades away, then comes back to Light seeing Lovio off]

Light: You better hurry on off.

Lovio: What's the rush, I'll be back here before Lola even wakes up.

Light: She'll hold you on that if you don't.

Lovio: I promise it on my unborn son.

Light: How do you know it's a he?

Lovio: I just have that feeling and I'm also hoping for one too.

*He gets down to Light's stomach.*

Ain't that right Berry?

Light: That's the name you came up with?

Lovio: Ain't nothing wrong with a boy named Berry.

*He stands back up.*

Light: Sure, how about we decide on names when you come back.

Lovio: Deal.

*Lovio & Light kisses multiple times.*

I love you.

Light: I love you too. Now get.

Lovio: Yes ma'am.

*He picks up his small bag and jumps very far & high in the air.*

Light: And be safe out there.

*She rubs her belly.*

[Cut the scene back to Lovio]

Lovio: *He's still in the air on the other side of the planet free falling.*

There it is and I'm not late either, lets get it.

*He holds out his hand and a meteor comes towards him and he starts riding it like a surfboard.*

Whoo! Now this is free styling.

*He meteors boost its way towards his destination and then he jumps off, free falling into the village.*

Hehhe, your back from the multi-alter dimension?

Random guy: *A random guy comes falling from the sky and landing on top of a building right after Lovio lands.*

Hey Lovio, long time no fight.

Lovio: Wassup Sun, where's the moon goddess?

Sun: She's still wraping up in the multi-alter dimension.

Lovio: Ahh, well why are you here?

Sun: I'm here cause I feel something powerful and I want a crack at it.

Lovio: Is fighting all you care about?

Sun: Alright wise guy, why are you here?

Lovio: I'm on the job, they said to exterminate the threat immediately.

Sun: They who?

Lovio: My client.

Sun: In case you lost your sense boy, I don't sense nobody here.

Lovio: Now that you mention, the presence here is kinda dead.

Sun: *While they grow quiet. A dark ominous aura starts lurking around the entire village at a slow pace. Sun stops smiling & opens his eyes a little.*

Hey Lovio.

Lovio: Yeah I don't like that feeling either.

*Sun activates his powers and a little bit of fire spurs from him.*

Don't destroy the village.

*The darkness starts covering the village more quickly. Sun sends his fire in all directions but they just get absorbed.*

Well then.

Sun: If the village wasn't in my way, I wouldn't have to hold back like this.

Lovio: Sounds like excuses to me bro.

Sun: You want a crack at it?

Lovio: That is my job.

*They both jump high in the air and right after, the darkness completely spreads all over the village. Lovio activates his powers.*

Fallen Meteor:

*A huge meteor passes by Sun & Lovio.*

Spring Comets!

*The huge Meteor splits into mini comets hitting the darkness while avoiding damage to the village. The darkness pulls back from the hits of the comets.*

Sun: You think that's impressive.

*He shoots down a wave of heat hitting the darkness and the village. But only the darkness is burning away and not the village.*

Lovio: *He summons a meteor to keep him in the air.*

You could've just done that the first time.

Sun: Honestly, I just wanted to see if you were rusty or not.

*The dark aura instantly disappears and a mysterious humanoid figure with the creepiest face appears out of nowhere with nothing but shrouded darkness leaking out of thier body deformed body.*

What in God's name is that?

Lovio: I don't wanna take a guess, but I do know that its responsible for the mess.

*The figure reaches out its hand and calls for Lovio & Sun. Sun & Lovio looks at each other for a second then nods and falls down in front of the mysterious figure.*

Mysterious figure: İ đœþ §əñšę íţ. Mnəřə ďıb půþ wý fŕæməńț¿ (I don't sense it. Where did you put my fragment?)

Lovio: What did he say?

Sun: I don't know, I forgot how to speak Backwards.

Lovio: Man, I bet he said something threatening to.

Mysterious figure: *He speaks english, but in a very distorted voice*


Lovio: What's he talking about?

Sun: Don't know, don't care.

*His whole body starts raging in flames.*

Mysterious figure: *The figure holds out its deform hand.*

You passed it off and I can tell not to long ago.

*The figure looks toward the direction of Lovio's & Light's house.*

Ťhəřė (There.)

*The figure starts making it's way towards Lovio's house.*

Lovio: *A meteor hits the mysterious figure out of nowhere.*

Absolutely not.

Sun: Thats where you live, nice place.

Lovio: Sun, I have too much at stake to lose everything over there.

Sun: Explain?

Lovio: You haven't been over here for awhile, but I have two offspring that I refuse to lose.

Sun: Nevermind, I sense their presence. Alright Loverboy, I understand everything.

Lovio: So help me in this fight full power, like old times?

Sun: I was already planning on killing the guy myself, but something tells me we're gonna need extra power.

*He shoots a fireball into outerspace and then it just burst.*

Lovio: Thanks man, I'm gonna owe ya one after this.

*The mysterious figure gets up and turn towards Sun & Lovio.*

Sun: How about you let me say hi to Light & the kid.

Lovio: *He starts walking towards the mysterious figure.*


*Both Sun & Lovio disappears and instantly reappears in front of the mysterious figure and they both synchrony kick the figure. But the figure grabs both of their feet and tosses them into outer space with ease.

Lovio uses his power to make a meteor underneath the figure and drag him out in space while Sun sends out multiple fire whips and converts them into chains to hold down the figure. The figure, Lovio, & Sun now in outer space start dissapearing and reappearing all over the place. Sun appears in front figure and uses a wave heat dealing damage to the figure and burning away ⅓ of the universe.

The figure grabs Sun unfazed by his heat and throws him multiple galaxies alway. Lovio summons a whole bunch of planetary meteors and launches them all at the figure. The figure grabs one of them with his deformed hand and uses his darkness to shroud the whole thing in pure darkness and uses it to destroy the other planetary meteors.

Sun comes back behind the figure and grabs him into a choke hold then dissapers into another universe right next to where Lovio is. He then heats up his entire body with enough heat to melt the entire galaxy around him, but the figure remains unfazed again.*

Sun: What, not enough?

*Sun cranks up his fire more and more while melting away half the universe he's in. All the damage Sun did barely left a scratch on the figure. The figure grabs Sun's arm to put some darkness on it. Sun immediately lets go of his choke hold position and teleports galaxies and galaxies back, while Lovio comes up behind Sun with his meteor.*

Lovio: You alright?

Sun: Not gonna lie. I'm starting to think I met my match.

Lovio: Didn't you call for help?

Sun: She'll be here any second now, she's only three universes away.

Lovio: Perfect. And now for Solar Meteor: Orbiting Rock!

*Lovio throws a meteor the size of a solar system towards the figure direction.*

Think that'll hold it for a bit?

Sun: Not even close.

*A girl appears right beind Lovio & Sun.*

Girl: Hey I'm here, who's the enemy?

Sun & Lovio: That guy.

*They point at the meteor being destroyed in less than a second and then the figure comes from behind the meteor.*

Girl: Have you been slacking Lovio?

Sun: Trust me, its not Lovio. Its just that thing is that powerful.

*The figure starts releasing extremely malicious bloodlust *

Girl: Waving your bloodlust around me, Rude.

Sun: No Moon. This is one of those fights where we can't hold back, not even a little. We're both gonna have to get serious?

Moon: If desperate times calls for desperate measures, then why not.

*Sun & Moon starts transforming into their true forms.*

Helios: By the name of Helios, God of the Sun. You will die.

*He opens his eyes all the way and everything in front of him is burning away at a very dramatic pace with unparalleled heat rising while burning away multiple universes in front of him.*

Moon: By my name, Selene, Goddess of the Moon. I'll show you what I can do.

*She activates her powers and manipulates all of the stars, moons, darkness, then fuses it and intensifies it into one threatening attack and lauches it at the figure.*

Last time I did something like this, I nearly killed 4% of all existence.

Lovio: Don't think I'll let you two show off just because your gods, I'm on par too.

*He intensifies his powers into maximum out put.*

Multi-Universal Meteor: Meteors of Destruction!

*Out of nowhere. A whole bunch of meteors comes towards the figure at an extremely fast pace, and each one of them is the size of universe.*

Lovio, Helios, & Selene: Maximum Omni!

*All three of them use all of their powers till they each hit their limit. The figure flicks its finger and all the attacks from Lovio, Helios, & Selene instantly disappears.

Then 3 of them confused for a split milisecond instantly explodes from the inside out afterwards, except Lovio.*

Lovio: (I can feel it. The aura of death. Is this the feeling I been looking for?)

*Lovio's survival instinct kicks in & teleports away from the blast. The figure gets ready to leave but then it feels a burst of energy about to explode.*

Lovio: I felt it. I haven't this feeling in long time, so many emotions, motivations, the heat of battle, the feeling you feel about certain death. I craved this feeling for the longest of time my life but I forgot about it when I settled down and started a family.

*A bright light instantly burst out of nowhere and what comes out of it is Lovio but with unknown energy seeping out of him.*

Even though you're about to die, I must thank you for helping me feel this feeling.

*Lovio stands still and the Mysterious figure takes that chance to kill him but it didn't work. Instead the Mysterious figure went through Lovio while he was still standing.

Instantly after the Mysterious figure takes multiple strikes of damage out of nowhere.*

The Mysterious figure: AGH!

Lovio: In this form, you are no match for me anymore. The sole energy of life is flowing through me.

*The Mysterious figure starts moving all around beyond light speed catching up to Lovio. Lovio notices and starts moving faster while throwing universal meteors at the figure.

One by one the figure destroys each meteor with ease, but the more it destroys the more meteor rocks there are floating around.*

Lovio: *He stops at a good distance between the figure.*

I really don't like you, but yet I want to keep on fighting you till I'm satisfied. Isn't that selfish?

*The figure gets closer with each and every hit while Lovio switches to God language.*

Yanh (D)
O' (E)
Ki'u (S)
KuknÒ (T)
Ēt (R)
Guh (O)
Munşch (Y)
Yåre-ĶIshı-Tët (Ya)

*He then claps his hands together then every single rock substance within the universe comes together to merge onto the figure.

Meanwhile in the background; Sun & Moon regenerates back to life.*

Sun: Err! I'll kill him!

Moon: Wait a minute, look at battle field now. There's no way we can help and interfere, we'll just get killed again.

Sun: So we're basically useless now?

Moon: Yes. Like it or not, all we can do is hope for the best, unless she comes in help.

Sun: Dang it!

*His body grows on fire in rage.*

Lovio remember your reason to not lose & die!

Moon: I hate being a useless maiden.

*The figure lets out a threatening battle cry obliterating every rock its attached too while flying everywhere in rampage. Lovio starts moving again while the figure tracks him.

While they're moving at an unpredictable speed, the figure is also getting serious, embeddeding its deformed hands in pitch darkness and tries to punch Lovio with it. But Lovio catches the punch and swings the figure mid distance away from him.

Then instantly after Lovio appears above the figure and jumps on it with enough force to send the figure near the multiversal atmosphere. *

Lovio: Get a lifeeee!!!!!!!!!

*He gathers all the omnipotent energy within him and shoots it all as beam straight towards the figure pushing it out of the multiversal atmosphere.*

Moon: They were moving so fast, it felt like it didn't even happen.

Sun: That's cause they were moving faster than time itself. if we moved even an meter, we'd be dead.

Moon: Wait does that mean they were moving as fast as death too?

Sun: I honestly don't know, but I do know that wasn't even the last we see of that thing.

Lovio: *He comes back on his meteor all worn out.*

Hey guys.

*Instantly after Lovio says that, the figure comes right back and stabs him but Lovio saw it and also stabs the figure through the brain. But when he does, he only breaks what appears to be the shell of the figure and underneath it was a woman wearing everything that is black. Lovio quickly grabs the women's neck barly choking her. The woman tries to pulls her hand out of Lovio but she can't since Lovio is gripping her with his abs.*

The Woman: Er! Ugnnn!!!

Lovio: I will not let you go!!!

Sun: Moon!

*Moon quickly helps Lovio choke her out before Sun calls her name. Sun in realization immediately grabs her in choke hold position and starts choking her.*

The Woman: Ack! Uck!

*With all three of them choking her, she struggles for air. Moon uses her other hand to magically pull more air out of her body making it more difficult to breath.

The woman pulls so hard that she she loses her entire arm and then she slices off Moon and Lovio's arms then elbows Sun in his stomach and he lets go and then immediately after that she burst a lot of dark energy while escaping back to the same universe on the same planet where Light is.

Right after, she grows back her arm & shell and goes back to the mysterious figure while coughing for air.*

Mysterious figure: Hœ møřťnIəߧ dųţ Į ğœ ňò ćhœoə dùþ mæt þıIl wy fŕæwəhť įş rəàđu. (How worthless of me to almost be out matched, but now I can wait till my fragment is ready.)

*It walks off into a distance.*

[Two days later at Light's house]

Sun: *Someone knocks on the door & Lola answers. Its Sun & Moon at the door.*

May I speak to Light?

Lola: Mom!

Light: Lola, I told you not to answer the door on your own.

*She comes walking towards the door and she see's Sun & Moon at the door.*

Oh Sun, long time no see.

Sun: Yeah it has been awhile.

Moon: Listen Light. There's something we gotta tell you.

Sun: Its about Lovio.

Light: Lola, you think you help mommy where she left off on making dinner?

Lola: Umhmm.

*Lola goes into the kitchen, while Light comes outside and closes the door.*

Light: What's going on?

Sun: While Lovio was on a mission, I conveniently came to help him but...

Light: Don't you dare tell me.

Moon: We're sorry Light and we used maximum power. All three of us, but-

Light: He can't be gone.

*She falls on her knees.*

He said he'd be back!

Moon: There is no easy way of putting this and it hurts that the only thing we can say is sorry.

Sun: Lovio's gone Light and the thing that killed him is going to make its way over here.

Moon: We may not be as powerful to kill it, but me & Sun won't stand by and let y'all die.

Light: *She sniffs.*

I understand, thanks for coming you two.

Sun: *Moon & Sun hugs Light in comfort.*

We'll be staying on this planet as your bodyguards.

*He gets up and walks off.*

And Light, I'm very sorry I wasn't much of help.

*He disappears.*

Moon: I wasn't much help either, but this is the least I can do to help.

*She activates her powers and bends some light from thin air.*

This is all the memory of what went down in that fight and its also Lovio's last words.

*Moon puts the memory into Light, but also senses that she's carrying a child.*

[The memories]
Moon & Lovio: Aaaagggghhh!!!

Sun: *He throws up so lava from the elbow he got.*

That hurt alot.

Moon: Sun!

*Sun comes over to see Lovio dying.*

Lovio: Hey guys, how y'all doing?

Moon: Quit talking and let me heal you.

Lovio: No no. I finally just felt that feeling when your in heat of battle between life and death.

Moon: Please don't talk like that.

Lovio: I finally achieved everything I wanted while living, at least let me die with it.

Moon: NO!

Lovio: Please Moon.

Sun: Moon...

Moon: There are plenty of things for you to do, you still have children, do you not!

Lovio: *He cracks a smile*

I did make a promise to her...but everything has to die at some point when they're born. I am one of those things. Your one of those things too.

*Moon starts tearing up from his words.*

Whenever something comes to life like my unborn son, he will die at some point too. It's how life is. I know it might be selfish that I want to die right now breaking a promise. but you must understand. Its not that I want to keep living but its that I'm tired of living. My children will feel the same as they grow older. They'll experience things we all go through. Life, imagination, friendship, broken bonds, hatred, redemption, love, hardship, struggle, achieve, and it'll repeat over and over till there's nothing left. Isn't that what life is?

*He takes out the arm in his stomach and coughs up White blood.*

My children. Their names are Berry & Lola. Lola's the oldest, Berry is the unborn one. If its alright with y'all, could y'all make sure they live their life?..

*Moon gives Lovio a soft hug while Sun stands with his head down sniffling.*


Moon: *She says while weeping.*

I know and your request will be granted.

*She lets go of him.*

Lovio: (Did I do good...Light?)

*He dies standing.*

Moon: *She wipes her tears.*

He's dead.

Sun:...*His body burns in fustration evaporating the tears in his eyes.

Moon: I'm going.

Sun: Moon, you saw what that thing did to us.

Moon: You think I care about that? I just witnessed another close friend get murdered.

Sun: I-

Moon: I'm tired of watching my friends die! Over, over & cycling reapeted for 4.9 billion years.

Sun: We both lost a lot of things Moon.

Moon: And yet you say that with no remorse. How far you fallen from grace Sun, its exactly why Eos won't look at us the same.

Sun: Moon, I-

Moon: Even now you lost your prideful words. I'm going to protect Light, even if it actually cost my life this time.

*She dissapers.*

Sun: Have I really lost pride.

*He looks at Lovio's dead body still standing.*

Rest in peace my friend. No species like you hasn't impacted my life like you did.

*He dissapers into the same universe Light's in.*
[End Memories]

Light: *She starts tearing up.*

Thank you Moon.

Moon: I'll be back myself to make sure you give birth to that child. Until then. Stay strong Light.

*She gives Light a gentle big hug then dissapers.*

Light: *She sniffs and wipes her tears.*

I never wanted to say this but... goodbye my love & thank you for everything...Lovio.
[The End]

Lovio Loveheart
Species: Overpowered Love
Age: 28
Birthday: November 7th
Original Power: Meteor
Satus: Dead

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