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2034 was one of the worst years in existence for the human race. A young country got wiped from existence thanks to a bomb. A harmful chemical raised in the air, creating a toxic substance that could harm you if you inhaled it. Few survived. The ones that did were far from normal. They had a chemical imbalance, making them lust human meat, look different, and have disturbing physical capabilities above any other animal. The year is 2069 when the recruits scope out the lands, deciding if its safe to claim. 2071 the first group of highly trained researchers are stationed there. Beatrice was one of the rookies there to give the predators a meal before they got to the important people. Real soldiers were too much to risk. The cure is unknown, just like their future.

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1

I just wanted to participate... I never knew that it would land me here where I am now.

Ever since that stupid country got demolished, we've all been on edge. Are we next?

All countries were gathering up their armies, getting ready for an all out war. Anticipation could be seen in everyone's eyes.

I remember walking down the street that day, on my sixteenth birthday. I had worn my favorite coat that day, as it had ended near the ground. I had always found it quite comfy. Water lingered on the bricks, only moving when people stepped on it.

I remember seeing a cat dart into a garbage can.

That day was the moment all teens were waiting for. They would take tests to test your capability with any job available. Funny enough, these miniscule details were easier to remember then the actual test.

But the time I had sat in the bleachers, waiting for my results, I could remember every last detail.

"Emine Aldrhine." It was against policy to get up during the event. Instead, you had to sit and wait for them to announce your new job.

I clenched Lidia's hand until it was nearly purple.

Then the dreaded words had been released to the world.

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