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Do you know what it's like to have your people feasted on like animals? I do. My people and the Tanick people both originated from human experimentation. They were mixed with animal DNA and other horrible things to increase their abilities. Unfortunately it seems like the tanicks were mixed with two much animal for anyone's good. It made them hungry and not just for anything. For anyone. The tackins' ancestors ATE the people that took them and were probably going to eat our ancestors too if most of them hadn't escaped. Keyword: Most. After they tasted our blood things changed drastically. They made an agreement with us and it's a terrible one. They won't eat all of us but they will take a great deal every month. I am the daughter of the leaders of my people the Tollies and I am a disappointment. Which is why I left. Now I'm back and just in time for the tanicks' next raid. I thought I could fight them but then I proved to be a disappointment again. Now I am surrounded by tanicks and other tollies particularly women and I have a really bad feeling. Will I escape or will the tanicks people's beauty (particularly the men) blind me and make me even more of a disappointment. Read and see.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Authors Note

Hello everyone this is my first Author’s Note so I hope I’m doing it right. I really hope you enjoy this story and I can convey my emotions and feelings properly so you may also enjoy this book. This story is not really a romance however there may be some elements of romance in the book. This book is more of a thriller or sci-fi. Please enjoy! (Also you can follow me on Wattpad. My username is inthemall.)

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