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The lost city of gold

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Two man Kim and John meet a woman while they are going home.she was a beggar and after they met her their lives changed.find out what happened before they met her

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Chapter 1 the weird women

It's been 2months since John and Kim have lost their jobs and their lives have been hard.they didn't have cars and they lost their houses even their wives divorced them and and gotten married again.they tried a lot to find jobs but they didn't get anything so they decided to look for a job to clean gardens or fix toilets and they actually got the jobs. John was a gardener and Kim was a toilet fixer.

One day they went to a mall for shopping and they met their ex-wives and they made fun of them saying"oh look at them I can't believe I was married to such a man who can't afford his own house" (laughing). "I wish we could be rich somehow and show them their place"John said furiously."maybe it was a good thing that we divorced them because now we see their true colours"Kim said angryly. Then while they were about to ride a taxi they met a beggar asking for money 💸 and even though they aren't rich anymore they gave her $3000. She was so grateful and she gave them a map
"this is a reward for having a golden heart 💖 this is for the both of you a trasher map and trust each other and no one else"they didn't believe there was anything.they felt like the weird women was joking.

One early morning they Kim and John were watching the news and they said"at the Musium there is a lost map that holds important information whoever finds it gets an a great reward"they were so shocked and surprised that the weird women was not joking about the map🗺️. they were so happy that their lives are going to be great again. So they started packing to go to Africa for the treasure.

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