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Survive or Die

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A young girl who's life has just crumbled down after witnessing her entire village get killed and turned into strange humanoid monsters, is on a dangerous journey to find a new safe life for herself

Adventure / Fantasy
Anika Mitchel
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Chapter 1 Intro

I hunched down, dropping the load I'd been carrying for the past few hours. It was such a relief for my shoulders to be free once again. It looked like the sun had already begun to set; its golden rays casting a rosy shadow on the pillow-like clouds above.
I knelt slowly on one knee with my chin to the sky then slowly dropped my weight till I laid face flat on the long soft grass below. I rolled over and listened. I could hear the wind whistling a melodious tune as it violently passed through the forest trees around me. A few birds responded to the wind with their soft joyous chirps. I could feel my head getting heavier as it rolled to the side. I could also hear the whispers from the grass swaying around me.
"Stay awake", I told myself. "Don't listen to mother nature's lullaby. Don't go to sleep. Stay awake." My heavy eyelids struggled to stay open as I slowly drifted into neverland.
Just then, I heard it. Sleep had never left my body quicker than at this moment. My hand was on my bag, with my finger on the trigger of my bow and arrow. It was rigged and ready to go. For right now, it was kill, or be killed. I followed the sound closely as it got closer to me. I wasn't sure what it was yet but I wasn't prepared to take chances.
I sat up slowly, aiming my arrow into the densely wooded area. It was now or never. I was tired of waiting. " Come out! What are you waiting for! Come out! I'm not afraid of you!" I shouted. My voice relaxed a bit, "Whatever you are, I can take you." By this time, I was just way to tired. I couldn't hold myself anymore. I was on the ground seemingly paralyzed. I could still hear the thing creeping in my direction, but there was nothing I could do about it.
I could hear my heart trying to run away from me. BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom. I was dead. I made it a long way. But now, I'm dead. I could now join the rest. I'd go in piece. I'm not going to complain, at this point, it's inevitable. I let my eyes which were barely open finish their journey and stayed motionless on the ground.
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