Survive or Die

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Chapter 2 How it all began

I awoke to a normal day. The sky was a wonderful baby blue colour and littered with bright white, fluffy, cotten candy clouds and filled with flocks of birds flying high and dancing as they went on their way. The village was surprisingly peaceful though. At a time like this, the butchers and other vendors would be out draining every penny from the villagers and tourists with their outrageously priced goods. But there was nothing but undiluted silence. The forever crowded street was completely empty with the exception of a small mouse nibbling on bread in the middle of the street; one could see straight to the old water tower which was mostly invisible on any other day.
This wasn't strange though. It happened from time to time when the day was as beautiful as this one. It wasn't off for the villagers to gather near the lake to cool off and relax. I got up from the chair I was sitting in to stair at my little village town and gathered the bottom of my night gown to prevent me from tripping on it. It didn't hit me up till I heard the boards under my feet creak as I walked, "My house was also completely silent."
I slowly opened my bedroom door as silently as I could so I wouldn't risk waking the rest of my family and slowly crept don't the dimly lit hallway and down the noisy, rickety, wooden stairs. I set the kettle to make some tea then scurried up to my room to get dressed for the day. It seemed like a good idea to join the villages by the lake. I needed to relax a little, after all the chores I'd been doing for the past few days. I put on one of my lightest summer outfits. Strange. The sun was already almost in the center of the sky, yet none of my family had woken. Slowly and quietly I walked up to my parents bedroom. "Mother? Father? Are you in there? It's already really late. It's time to wake up." I said as I tapped on the door. There was no answer but with the last tap the door slowly pushed open. Just as the street was, their bedroom was empty. Not a soul in sight.
The same case was with my little sister Elle's room. I couldn't believe how selfish they were. I sat down all morning waiting for them and they had left me before I even woke up. They weren't even considerate enough to wake me or leave a letter. I grabbed my stuff an set out to the lake.
Pure shock struck me as I neared the the small forest patch patch before the lake. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was a person or maybe it wasn't. I couldn't get a better look as it disappeared into the brush almost instantly. My brain was changing it's mind about the lake but my feet had other plans. I kept on to the lake. I should have turned back from the beginning. My brain was right.
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