New York Finest K-9 Detective

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The central stage of the story is Central Park and its surroundings. Lani and Ingo, in their routine Sunday morning Central Park walk looking for Missy—Ingo's sweetheart—whom they met two years before in the old country of Morania from where they defected, meet Jim, whose dog Missy has just been stolen. A second dog, female American Cocker Spaniels is stollen the same day in the park, both female dogs being registered to the upcoming Westminster Dog Show. Lani and Ingo have the support of the NYC police precinct as Ingo had previously helped one of the officers to catch a criminal. Patrick, Jim's twelve-year-old son, becomes instinctively aware of Ingo's abilities and becomes his sidekick and trainer, leading to funny situations and increasing Ingo's ability to communicate with humans. The two develop a deep connection, and through initiative and bravery, get closer to saving Missy. Their emotional connection and communication lead to a great social project they initiate. With the help of Jim and Lani and all the kid's participation, they make it a success.

Adventure / Humor
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The New York Finest K-9 Detective

-28,087 words

Ingemar von Ulmbach

as told to

Ilana G Holloway


To all the good children and dogs of New York City,

To all public servants of the Big Apple,

To all the people who love the City that Never Sleeps,




In case you wonder how a dog can write a book, I will tell you the truth.

I tried. I did. Take a look at the drawing and see the real mess I made. My paws, the papers, and the table are full of black ink stains. Then, on top of it all, I even spilled the inkwell.

So, forget about the handwriting, I can’t do it.

I tried to type my book, but it came out Gibberish. My fingers are too short and thick, and I hit more than one key at a time. Typing doesn’t work either.

So, the task to put my stories on paper always falls on my Master Lani. She is my ghostwriter.

It is a time-consuming process because I can’t speak; I can only understand human speech.

She knows all my adventures; she was there, she lived them with me.

First, she writes the story down as she remembers it. Then, she reads it to me, and if I am not pleased, she re-writes until she gets the “YES” bark from me.

I will now disclose the reason why I wrote this book.

Sure, there is a bit of bragging going on, but more importantly, I want to make known the remarkable generosity and bravery of New York City children. I also want to express my gratitude to the parents who encouraged and supported the children’s initiative.

Dogs don’t have to learn that they are more successful in a group and have a better chance of survival. We are born knowing that. It’s why—in the wild—we live in a pack.

Human children are much the same—when they are united, it’s easier and a lot more fun to achieve success no matter the goal.

Children, who early on learn teamwork, compassion, and the joy of giving, develop into outstanding society members. These children are our TOMORROW, our future.

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