Chloe’s Summer in Guys Hill

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A summer holiday at Chloe’s nana house. Where she is away from home in Kingston. No pool, no cable tv and no consistent wifi. She is bored and comfortable at home and doesn’t appreciate how blessed she is. So her parents sent her to spend two weeks at her nanas house. Her job was to help sell the groceries in the shop, feed the chicken and the goats. Her time at her nanas helped her to see another side of life. How other children live and her constant complaining of how bored she was she leant a lesson early on how to appreciate the life her parents work so hard to afford her. She got to play with children in the neighborhood, dandy shandy, dolls and hide and seek. What she was not looking forward turned out way better than a summer in Miami. Her learn how to price groceries and even earned $2500 for all her hard work.

Adventure / Humor
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Always Bored

After over a year of online school, Chloe was super bored being at home. Though she was excited about the summer holiday, and had all kinds of plans she told her parents about she still found herself bored every few minutes.
Chloe was the only little kid in her house, she didn’t have any other kid to play with and didn’t often have play dates with her friends because of pandemic.
Her parents tried to make sure she had all they think she needed by buying her all the toys she asked for. She had an iPad, a cell phone, a bicycle, a scooter, large dollhouse and a number of dolls. Chloe even had her own bounce house that she could enjoy anytime. Her home had a swimming pool and a big backyard she could play in. She also had a tv in her room, and no other siblings to share with or argue about what to watch on tv. She had it all to herself.
But Chloe always complained about being bored.
“Mom, can you buy me that toy on tv, so I can play with it and not be bored”. Her mom would reply, “ no Chloe, you have enough stuff to keep your company”.

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