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Where I am

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Have you ever imagined lost somewhere probably not , if you have you might have forgotten about it then why not read this story and find out where Vikram is lost

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Scene 1
“I.. I was living a really healthy life with expected marks and friends but something was missing there , watching certain people making fun of innocent people , partiality, many more and about other people.. they were just looking at the scene and.. I was one of them.
But then the thought came to me to become someone who can change things ( like a leader ) stuck deep.. within my heart.
Surely all these things did not matter , when I find myself l sitting on the water surface of never ending ocean.
But why am I thinking this now...‘’ thought Vikram, while running like a mad bull dog.
“ Run !!! Run! or you will become Vampire “he screamed.
Just Ahead of him his pal-1(friend)running like ostrich , and pal-2 following both of them like fast tortoise.
And the reason for this marathon (really not a marathon) on a mountain cliff , cannot be other than a Dracula with dark coat and carnivorous teeth.
As the trio get to the end of the cliff , their eyes was blown while gazing the huge river flowing deep down the cliff.
“We don’t have choice, we have to jump”,nodded Vikram.
“Both of you keep courage we will be alright ok..”-(giving hoshiyari)
Both the pals silently nodded their heads.
When Vikram again tried to look at the downside river. Suddenly he was thrown off the cliff and everything become like slow-mo, because anybody having their feet not on the ground and very above a huge deep river would feel the same , also with their friends smiling , encouraging like...
Keep Courage!!!
You will be Alright!!!!
And then sensation of huge splash of water......

Scene- 2
In the evening with sun setting down in crimson sky , creating a marvellous scenery on the deserted beach.
A girl was sitting down in the middle of beach, looking lonely and sad whispering to herself,“ What’s their problem.!!
These people( talking about her friends / Companions) never really considered me as a friend or a part of group...
But I am going to be fine.
I can’t turn into mad or psycho because of this..... “
“No.! No.. what is that...”,If you are wondering why Annya(the girl )said the last statement with a shocked face.
So the reason behind this was the entry of three men seemingly dead ( you can remember them from last scene ) out of the ocean floating upon the water.
“Now I think I really have gone mad”,stammered Annya putting her hands on her face.
She went near the holy trio - the three half dead person , And saw that they have been heavily washed by river without any surf or detergent.
As she tried to wake up pal-1 , but he refused to wake up and started babbling in his sleep , “Mom.., I don’t want to go to school let me sleep...”
“Really....”,she took a step back from pal-1 side and moves towards the other end where pal-2 was washed down.
And the response she got from pal-2 was, “Who.. Who.. are you I don’t know you , Let me sleep..”
Vikram who was in middle of them was left undisturbed.
They woke up after an hour and the girl standing there was looking like goddess to them , like who saved them.
Why I told you this was because all three of them started praying and laying down in front of her.
After some time they talk to her like normal human beings.
“So you have also come to this world out of nowhere? “,Asked the girl.
“Well yes.....”
“I found myself in middle of ocean floating on the water.”,answered Vikram.
“And you two?”
“I was on Himalaya”
“So as I”,said pal-1 and pal-2 in continuation.
“Our group is residing in an abandoned city that way, if you want you can come with me to there.”,said Annya pointing towards the side end of beach.
So they started travelling in the pointed direction.
As they were passing through the middle of evergreen forrest suddenly snow started falling down from the sky and after some time, It was like the whole forest has from evergreen to mountain forest covered with snow and shrubs everywhere.
“What!...is that , a huge Christmas tree”,pal-1 shouted looking at the huge tree which was far away.
“Yes It really is a Christmas tree”,confirmed pal-2.
[ Hoohoh....... hoohoh... ]
“What!!... now this”,exclaimed Vikram.
On looking up they saw a person flying on some kind of cart vehicle like Santa Claus and again saying [ Hoohoh....... hoohoh... ]
They keep starring the flying man like meme boys.
He-Santa Claus dropped a paper like thing which was seen by Vikram only.
On their way ahead he may picked it up....

In the deserted western city ,
in the streets on the outskirts of city,
There was a old wooden house in which Vikram and his group entered.
“I have brought some more people”,said Annya entering first in the house.
There was gloomy atmosphere all around inside the house , not because dirty and old wall , or rusting broken furniture it was due the people with sad and depressed faces sitting silently on the ground mat.
“Why are these people so sad?”,a question came in Vikram’s mind .
“Did something happened??”asked the girl.
“Yes most of our food was found to be rotten and.....”,answered a tall heathy man named George, with a rude and sad voice.
Then the sadness grew larger and was likely to not fade away.
After their short dinner with short talks , the moment begin to light up as they started playing jokes , games in their enjoyment. In late night all of people left to sleep into different room and different houses than that old one ,since whole city was abandoned.
But Vikram instead of sleeping on his bed , was sitting inspecting the paper he picked up on the way. On the other side , outside in the street the girl moved out of the house and went somewhere without making a noise.

She reached a short cliff from where anyone can see all the stars shining in the sky.
Thinking,” so... I am lonely again without any friends and.... the people I met today may also become strangers.”,Annya , sitting on edge notices someone’s footsteps.
A little less than tall, a boy with specs and slender body come from behind and sat beside her just a little away.
Just at a glance of his face , she remembered a scene of -
‘ her siting on her school desk looking troubled and when she moves her head to and fro in confusion she saw his face in her direction smiling directly to her as if he is taunting her.’
“Have I seen you somewhere?”,she asked with a confused look.
Then to her reply nothing come. Because he was already dropped off( sleeping).
“What!!! Why does these people like sleeping so much ??”,exclaimed the girl.
“Did you said something??”,said Anany( the boy ) putting his head on his drowsy mouth (ubasi wala chahara) .
“Nothing just asking if you had seen me somewhere ”
“Here , now beside me”
“I am not asking about that”,screamed the girl standing up annoyingly.
“So are you asking why you are so lonely. “,said Anany smirking.
“No!!.... why do you think I am lonely “
“Yes , you are not lonely....
you have people who understand you and are with you ,and about other people they never recognise everyone.
Each person have people he call friends, haters and people who does or doesn’t affect him.
So there is no point in you being lonely.”
This words really struck deep in her mind ,but she was completely shocked out when she asked,”Why were you smiling at me in the class, if I remembered correctly”
“Well it was to indicate , everything will be alright to my wife”
After the few seconds of her silence and his nap.
They heard a loud cry...
From above the sky a huge bird like creature- Phoenix was approaching their way , a muscular boy with athlete body was riding on it.
You know when problems come they do not come alone , they brings another or more problems.
This was proven by a herd of zombies on land coming their way which was also the city outskirt’s way.
She tried ran towards the city downhill in alert ,but when she covered only a few distance from the edge ,the Phoenix was above the edge of cliff.
This may sound surprising but the more surprising thing for her was ,Anany still sleeping at the edge of the cliff below the Phoenix.
“God!!! Is this Really....”

Luckily she reached the city outskirts just when he ( Phoenix boy ) arrived there.
“Give us your food!!!”
“All of it...”,shouted a duck standing beside the boy. The Duck appeared like short Donald Duck from Micky mouse.
All of the people gathered outside were listening to this Duck’s babbling , making a very irritated and disgusting faces.
“Sorry about him. We just want some food. And my name is Syam.”,politely said the boy who was on Phoenix.
Vikram who was still hungry also asked commonly, “Can I also get some more food??“
Now instead of starring Syam people was starring Vikram with even more disgusting face.
Breaking the silent mood Annya alerted,”Listen to me please!!!
There is a herd of zombies coming this way.......”
Even before George can think to say,”What now this !!!”
The zombie had arrived
These were the thoughts in most of the people’s minds.
But the action begin now
Five zombie in the first wave, on the streets came doing
Vahaaa.... Vahaaaaa.....
Syam moved towards the middle one who also was ahead in all five of them , he moved his hand in direction of the zombie’s head...
The zombie in reaction also move his head towards Syam , just in few seconds of touching the zombie’s head , it’s head completed full star life cycle means it turned red then yellow then orange red and then.....
And then the head blast...
All of the people in the crowd had already dropped their jaw watching this. It was like heat was transferring from his hand to zombie’s head.
Then what...
he killed the reamaning ones like children bursting balloons in birthday party.
The second wave of many zombies came and the duck also moved to fight with his weapon ,and after some time he was also coming with the second wave as a part of zombies.
Many of the people in the crowd also picked up simple weapons like chair , hammer , pick axe , stick and pen , yes a pen.
Then zombies vs these people the bull fighting started.
About Annya , she got a bow from somewhere. And about other people ,
There is not much you can clearly see in this commotion.
There was five wave of zombies and four was already cleared , then the alert came......
Final wave is approaching......
Fighting now changed in 2x speed , and a huge 10 feet zombie let’s call him Hugei with small head was also approaching in the middle of wave.
The height of Hugei was a disadvantage to Syam , and he was surrounded and dealing with most of the zombies.
The Hugei roared and moved his hand to crush the people , but in between his eyes was taken out by arrows of Annya.
He retreated back with furious rage tries to smack the ground. People ran back to protect them as soon they can , but as the huge zombie hand was about to crush Syam ,who came in front of him by chance , because of other zombies.
As Syam was going to be flat as old earth. Suddenly Hugie dumped inside the ground , people were more shocked the Hugie , how did he went inside the ground?.
Then there was Vikram standing jus ahead of the fall with two finger pointing out in the hugei direction, he was holding a paper on the other hand and residing something.
And that is how we have found Vikram as done something strange.
Syam smirked looking back at Vikram. The sun was about come as the night was about to end. Syam still smirking jumped with his own two legs and and when the sun just came at horizon of sun , his hand was on huge head which was burning like sun’s blaze.

Scene - 6
“What when did fell asleep “,Vikram observe opening his eyes that he was sitting at his school desk at the back of classroom.
“Oh...! you were sleeping, I didn’t notice that “,said a teacher( who was looking like pal-1 ) entering through the front gate.
“I think, I had a really big dream “,thought Vikram passing through the school corridor and the gatekeeper(who was looking like pal-2).
“I think I remember their faces from somewhere else”
In school he saw some girls bulling a another girl. And on the way people were poor, hungry were begging and treated cruelty.
He reached to a park which was in the way to his home.
“I think I should sit here for sometime”,sighed Vikram.
“Hey don’t play like that !!”,screamed a old man sitting on the bench ,to the some children playing in the sand.
A little girl playing there shouted,”don’t worry about us uncle George”
He sat on the another bench and started feeling some kind of grief. Then a boy who was also playing came and sat beside Vikram on the bench.
“ Hi bhaiya( big brother)....
...What are you doing ”
“ eh... what are you saying “,replied Vikram in dizzy mood.
“I said
Do you want to go back
Don’t you like this world”
“What........”,exclaimed Vikram.
With a little headache his dream became more clear.
“ so you really want to go back or not
Do you know where you really are??”,questioned Syam.

Vikram still breathing...(to be continued)
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