The Gaurdian Of The Backdoor

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A lonely immortal with the job to gaurd one of the many backdoors, this is their story.

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Chp. 1: The Beggining

POV: The Gaurdian

I sat with my back against the door that lead to the hallway. It felt cold, but I was always cold too. This was my life, protect the back door that connects everything, that's all I've ever known. I sigh and play with the large keyring on my waist as my tails flicker around. I look through each of them, the glow of my halo illuminating the engravings. It looks like I had all of my keys, but not everything is always as it seems, I look through them all a few more times, and realized I was missing the key to a universe called 'undertale'. I feel around in my pockets, but that pixeld heart shaped key isn't anywhere.

I start to freak out a but calm down, I probably just misplaced it somewhere. I set down my keys in the locked case that they are kept in, and kept one with me. That key was the key to the back door, the one I always have to sit in front of. I unlock the door and walk through it, it's going to be a long walk to the 'u' section. My tails sway behind me as I walk down the hallway looking for the key.

I was happy while walking down the hall, it had the universes I protected in it, from Adventure Time to Yandere Simulator, don't ask about the last one, someone had to take it. I hadn't seen the key on the floor yet, so I probably left it in the lock, silly me. I was around half way to the Undertale door when I realized something, there was noise other than my footsteps. Of course, there is always some noise from each door when it gets to a climactic scene in its world, but usually not this many. I deny it, they all probably just fell in sinc for a day, its happened a long time ago a few times, so it could happen now, I reason with myself.

As I near the Undertale door, I take a look at it, and notice something breathtaking, and not in a good way. The door is open a creak, and secondary, the key isn't there. I grip the key to the main door and start running back, I have to have a spare key somewhere. I run faster than I've ever run before, I've never had a breach from a universe that far down the line, I usually lock them up properly. I eventually make it to the main room and tear open the box that had my keyring in it, and notice something shocking. My keyring is gone. All the keys missing, the ring no where, and not a spare in sight.

Now, without the spares, the only way to get the keys back is to manually go and get the keys from inside the universes..

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