Slips of Unconscious

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Escaping into someone else's life has always been everyone's dream, however John has to woke up and face reality. While he tries to piece his life together, John is battling with struggles of multiple lives.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1- The Mysterious House

Aimlessly, I walked the artificial Earth in search of this mysterious something that led me to unconsciously drift under the cold night sky. I almost bumped into a house that appeared out of nowhere. My vision was blurred because of the night’s darkness, so I walked along the wall in search of a door. Once I was upon an entrance, I fiercely pounded on it, yet no one answered. Once again, I pounded, but there wasn’t an answer. Since I heard no response, I let myself in to find the house’s origin.

I scanned the room for a glimpse of another human. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, but this unfamiliar place made me feel blinded again. I searched for a light. Once I felt a light switch, it was as if my fingers couldn’t interact with it. I tried to turn it on again, and then the light came on, but I still didn’t feel anything. I watched as the light engulfed the room; it was a house with only a single room: a bedroom. I frowned as I analyzed the rest of the room. The walls were shaded a deep gray, but they were finely constructed. It was as if a magical force protected them from flaw.

Next, I transferred my attention from the walls to the floor. I was able to see a spotless glass floor. However, the glass floor contained cracks of a peculiar shape where each object was placed upon the floor. They mainly laid beneath the legs of an unused bed, which stood in the middle of the room. The bed held an old stuffed animal that seemed untouched but was unable to move its broken self from the uneasy bed. Purely observing the bed made my eyelids grow weary, so I decided to rest for the night. As I got settled on the bed, I prayed it would stay sturdy until morning. Slowly I inched closer to the broken stuffed animal. Since I had something to hold on too, I drifted to sleep. In the morning, I awoke from another quiet night. I carefully departed from the bed and walked the fragile floor, debating if I would explore this strange area I found in the night. As I reached the long door, I began to feel uneasy. As soon as I opened the door, the only thing in sight was a red speck. Reluctantly, I began traveling towards it. On my way, I noticed weeds began to appear everywhere around me. As I walked closer and closer to the red speck, it became recognizable. I realized that the red speck was a rose. The rose was so beautiful, yet I was reluctant to pick it. Indeed I admired the beauty it held, however I refused to take it.

Turning to walk back to the house, I began to feel empty again. Upon approaching the house that I found last night, I was shocked when I saw a seesaw. There was no one else to enjoy it with, so I continued the exploration of the house’s exterior. Upon venturing to the back of the home, I saw a cluster of thorns, but they didn’t belong to any roses. Intrigued by the thorns, I walked up to then and touched one.

After being pricked by the thorn, my eyes opened, and I realized-

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