Slips of Unconscious

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Chapter 2: The Ice Cream Run

As I gasped for air, I quickly realized that I was drenched in water.
“Hello Beautiful” My anger could only be washed away when I saw the bright smile on my 12 year old daughter, Ruby, face. Assuming, she drenched me in water as a prank. I picked her up and began numbing her face. As I did so she was having fits of laughter. After minutes of torturing her, I put her back on her feet.
"Hey, I feel like getting ice cream. You want some after a long day of school?"
"I mean I can go for some." She was acting nonchalantly, however behind her eyes I could see the excitement she refused to show.
“Well what are you waiting for let’s go”
Just like everyday, the streets were packed. Ruby was holding on extra tight to my hand today, which isn't like her, or maybe it was the other way around. Before I had a daughter of my own, I always thought that the father would capture the daughter's heart and hold on to it. On the contrary, Ruby had me whipped around her finger since the day she was born, I loved Ruby with all of my heart. She was the only reason I have yet to go insane.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when Ruby tugged my hand indicating that we were in front of the line.
"Willy, can we get rocky road and cookies and cream?" I let go of Ruby's hand so that I could pay the man $5.83, I knew the prices like the back of my hand.
"Coming right up." In a matter of 2 minutes, Willy had our ice cream ready. I thanked him and grabbed both cups of ice cream.
Turning to the side, I didn't see Ruby. Commotion started to raise all around me, and panic grew inside of me. First, I ran towards the commotion, because Rudy loved to be nosy.
Once I got there, I regretted it with every ounce of my body. On the ground was a elderly man oozing out blood from a wound in the middle of his head. The knife was lodged deeply into his skull, leaving his brain to be cut too.
However, behind him in handcuffs was Ruby being forcibly detained.
I stood in shock as the ice cream fell from my hands and I slipped out.
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