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The Tongue SMP War

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Welcome to my SMP! Here instead of getting your driver's license when your 16, you get a fusion. A fusion is an animal that you can fuse with. (ex. Wolf - wolf ears and tail along with super hearing and smell.) - There has been a war going on for years and I mean YEARS. The people of the Sinko Palace have been after this potato farm that protects the ancient potato. The potato controls all the fusion and without it, the power of fusing with an animal is gone. - The people of Arano have come to protect the potato, but need a little help from a girl that happens to live in the End.

Adventure / Action
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Meet the characters


Meet the main character of the SMP

E.N.D.E.R Estrella

She is known for burning down buildings and killing multiple people due to the “Voices”. After being shot with the black liquid her memory is gone. She also has a short temper with everything. She usually uses TNT and a two-sided ax as weapons. She only uses swords as a last resort. (lost most of her emotions besides anger)

She was sent to the End because she was too dangerous.

H.A.L.O Burnings

She committed suicide when her girlfriend died. She was shot with a red and orange liquid. After that, she was fused with a blaze. When she got the shot she still had her memories. The scientist put her in the Nether so she couldn’t tell people what happened. She now dedicates her life to find people like her. (she also has a halo with blaze rods floating around it)

Mara Xera

A 16-year-old girl who is a knight for Arano. They’re losing the war to Sinko so, she asks her general to get the one and only E.N.D.E.R. She usually uses a Diamond sword as a weapon.

Her best friend is a little calico she found in an abandoned village named Toat or as her friends call it, Burnt Toast.

Alissa Soni

Alissa is also a knight for Arano but, she usually leaves to go for an adventure. She stumbled upon H.A.L.O when she was in a Nether fortress looking for blaze rods. H.A.L.O was riding on top of a blaze humming a song when she found her. Alissa gives H.A.L.O food from the overworld and helps her look for people like her.

Lee King

Lee is a nervous warrior that fights alongside his best friends. That may or may not have a crush on someone from the other side.

(more information will be added the more you read)

More character will be shown when they become more important


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