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Neema the Light

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Neema Okoro, a lightworker, was born and raised in the U.S. She wanted to take her role as a lightworker to good use. She came from a bloodline of Nigerian sorcerers that practices light and elemental magic from her village. Neema made a career out of fighting crime and arrested supernatural creatures that break the law and harm humans. She joined the SuperNatural Task Force to aid the police to arrested supernatural criminals ( Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, magicians, etc). She loves her job as it gives her a sense of purpose. Neema tries her best to balance work, her budding love life with her dhampir boyfriend Victor & life overall. The NJ Police Department gave her & her team a new assignment about shadow demons appearing all over the state. Neema needs to find out what's the cause of it and who's summoning them. Only time will tell what she will discover next. Continuation of "The First Bite"

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Newark, New Jersey

“Neema, don’t let him get away!”Officer Miller, her partner, encouraged the sorceress.

“I’m on it!”Neema affirmed.

As the full moon hovered over the city of Newark, New Jersey, Neema and her team of police officers chased a giant brown werewolf in pursuit of arrested. Neema Okoro, comes from a bloodline of Nigerian sorcerers, where they study light magic to defend their villages from dark creatures that haunt the night. Her people serve no demon and do no evil; they are only on this earth to protect the helpless from creatures that plan to harm others. In her prime, she joined the STF, the Supernatural Task Force, to aid the police to catch supernatural criminals. Even though she was born in New Jersey, he loved that her job aligned with what her tribe believed in Nigeria. She was proud of herself as one of the few black officers on the STF team and one of the few to know light and earth magic. Light magic is a scared skill that takes a lot of energy and skill she’s still honing. However, she’s constantly training and always learning new skill sets.

“Neema, what’s your location on the wolf?” Officer Miller asked in her earpiece. Neema hovered over the town on her light saucer, using her magic. Since she can’t fly, she used her levitation magic to ride on her saucer to chase the fleeing werewolf below. It was as is she was surfing the air itself.

“He’s heading north onboard street.” She told him in her earpiece. “Chance, I need everyone to head that way!”

“Roger that. Slow him down to give us time to get to both of you.” Chance told her.

“Got it.” She affirmed confidently.

Neema dived down on the fleeing werewolf and began to shoot pink ultraviolet bolts at the wolf to slow down his run. Neema’s eyes glowed bright pink as her magic activated, giving her the fierce look of her people. Neema only managed to burn him once in the leg in her pursuit; he kept dodging her attacks as he realized she was above him. She chased him in the busy street to get closer to him, avoiding moving cars while doing so and causing traffic. She kept a light bolt in one hand ready for him as she waited for the right moment to hit him.

“Sorry everyone, werewolf coming through!” She warned.

She tried her best to take aim at the beast without causing too much reckon the street. . ’I just need a clear shot.’ She thought to herself. She then shot at his legs again, making the beast lose his footing and tumble on the street, hitting a couple of moving cars along the way. ‘ Got you!’ The beast quickly got on his feet and shook off the impact. Before he can run off again, the sorceress summons a light whip to wrap it around the beast’s neck like a leash. The werewolf snarled as the ultraviolet whip burned through his dark fur and skin as he pulled and tugged. His brute force knocked him off her magic saucer, but she regained her footing and planted her feet on the street.

She used all her strength to pull him back as the colossal beast tugged and pulled snarling. “Dude, you are under arrest!” She said through her teeth.

The beast stopped pulling, turned to look at her with his piercing amber eyes and sharp incisors. His dark fur spiked, and tall ears fell back against his head in full anger. He snarled and began to charge at her at full speed. She released the hold of her whip to summon a force field to protect herself from the wolf’s pursuits to attack her. Her force field sends him flying back as he tumbled into the street, hitting cars along away. The sorceress chased him as she fired light bolts at him that burned at his fur. The wolf got up quickly and launched himself into a window of a brick abandoned building; she quickly followed suit as she smashed a window with her light bolt to get inside. She hissed as she cut her shoulder on a jagged piece of glass as she entered a window; however, she ignored the small blood that ran down her arm.

“Chance, he fled into the abandoned apartment building on broad street.” She whispered into her earpiece. “I’m in pursuit of him now, I just lost sight.”

“We have your location; we are running behind you now.” Chance spoke in her ear. “Be careful, Neema.”

“I know.” She said as she summoned a light bolt for her to see in the dark abandoned building. She used her senses to focus on the werewolf’s location in the building. Neema became stiff, on guard, and ready to strike at any moment. At this moment, she hated being just a sorceress. ’What I would give to have my boyfriend’s night vision right now.’ She thought to herself. She used her light bolt as a flashlight to see as she walks around the abandoned building. Her armpits began to sweat with anxiety as she made her way up the stairway and saw the broken torn door off the fourth floor. The wolf headed upstairs as she saw his trails of blood leading up the stairs.

“You can do this.” She encouraged herself.

The thing about werewolves; they are shapeshifters, which means that they don’t need the full moon to shape-shift. However, they are at their strongest during a full moon. She knew she had to be on guard and careful with this kind of criminal. She has dealt with many different types of supernatural criminals; vampires, witches, skinwalkers, etc. Werewolves are one of her most challenging criminals to deal with because of their speed and brute strength; it would be dangerous if she wasn’t prepared to face them. As an officer, she had to do what she had to do to arrest those who disobey the law. Out of her team of officers, she’s one of the most vital members to face supernatural criminals.

She treaded quietly up the stairs in her boots as she kept her right hand ready to strike as the other held the light bolt to see in the darkness. She kept her ears alert as she listened for any movement or shuffle. This werewolf can appear anywhere and use his night vision and sense of smell against her. Her heart thumped in her throat as she followed his trail of blood to the fourth floor of the apartment building. She walked steady and slow. She looked at her watch for a second; it was nine-thirty. She had a little bit of time before she has to go to her boyfriend’s place. At this point, she is sure he can smell her. ‘ Come on dude, where the fuck are you?’She could sense his presence but isn’t sure where exactly he is.

So she decided to drive him out “Alright, this cat and mouse game is getting old! You can make it a lot easier for yourself if you just turn yourself in!” She heard a distant growl but still unsure where he was.

“Listen, you have six counts of murder, and you are resisting arrest. Don’t make this difficult!” She alerted. “You are making it more difficult than it already is.”

“AM I?!” Her heart dropped to his snarling voice as he lunged her through an open door. He knocked her through another door to an empty apartment. She hollered as he bashed her on the wooden floor. The wolf snarled at her as she groaned from the impact. Her body ached so much, it was as if she got hit by a van.

“It looks like I am too much for you, witch.” He cockily snarled as he slowly approached her body. “Too bad I have to tear this beautiful body into shreds.” Her eyes glowed eerie pink as he heard him call her a witch.

“I…am not..a witch!” She quickly sat up and fired a ray of pink light at the wolf from her fists; this sent him back through the wall, burning him. She promptly got on her feet and charged at him with light bolts to burn him. Covered in burns, the wolf didn’t back down. The two clashed and fought though out the apartment building, burning holes and tearing through walls. Neema made sure to create a force field to protect her when he got too close. The two tussled and fought until two fell through the stairway and crashed on the first floor. With quick thinking, Neema surrounded herself in a forcefield to soften her landing. The werewolf fell with a huge thud, burned and bleeding; he was exhausted.

At this point, her team of police officers followed the noise and surrounded them both with loaded guns filled with silver bullets. She released herself from her force field as she watched the werewolf shrink into the human man he was, defeated. Officer Miller came closer to with two men behind him.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t kill him.” Neema said. “Just took him down.”

Chance motioned his men to put this man in silver handcuffs as Neema put a light spell on the cuffs to prevent him from shifting again. If he tried to shift again under her attack, the handcuffs would shock him like a lightning bolt to weaken him. She was happy the pursuit was over; her job tonight was done. Once the team got the shapeshifter in the Task Force police truck outside the building, Neema finally took a breath of relief. She sat on Chance’s police car to breathe.

“Are you alright?” Chance asked her as he approached her with a bottle of water. “You are pretty beat up.”

“I’m alright.” She said as she stretched her sore arms. “We just trashed around” She was beaten up; she knows she has a bruised around her body, a cut on her arm, and a scratch on the side of her head. She is thankful for no broken bones. Being a sorceress had its benefits; her durability was more robust than an average human. Being thrashed around by a werewolf could crush a human bone in one blow.

“Your bleeding, let me help you.” Chance quickly went in the trunk of his car to get the first aid kit. Chance was a good friend and a good partner; he constantly checked on her and had her back when needed. Chance was a youthful black officer, a little over the thirty-year-old guy, completely mortal. Chance kept himself fit because he worked out, brown skin, low cut black hair with a mustache. He had no special powers besides skill and might. However, she admired that he didn’t need powers, he only required skill and knowledge about the supernatural. She put pressure on her bleeding cut ad Chance wrapped her arm with a bandage.

“We made a mess of things in town.” She commented.

“Don’t worry about that. The police will take care of that. You are probably on Breaking News.” He told her.

“Of course, I am.” She sighed.

“Listen, you did a great job tonight. No many people got hurt, just couple on the street. You did a great job!” He reassured.

“I just wished I had him sooner. He slipped away from me.” She sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, he’s locked up now, and he won’t hurt anyone else.” Chance reassured.


“Listen, after this, go home, shower and have a drink. Your PTO starts tomorrow right?” He encouraged.

“Hell, yeah. I’m so ready, I’m heading to my boyfriend’s tonight. We are going to celebrate my birthday on a mini getaway. I can’t wait!” She beamed.

“Oh that’s, right! Your birthday! What are you and Dracula going to do?” He loved to mess with her and call her boyfriend Dracula because he is a dhampir, half-mortal and half-vampire.

“His name is Victor.” She sassed. “Stop calling him Dracula, he won’t appreciate it.”

“Alright, alright.” He chucked. “Well, I hope you have a great birthday.”

Neema looked forward to her birthday and her time off with her boyfriend. She couldn’t wait to drive home to him and be in his arms. She has dated mortals before, but nothing hits her like a vampire with a human side.

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