Summer Vacation

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It's a short story about a group of high school teenagers who are finally able to get a much-needed vacation. Something happened on the school campus which no one wants to remember but also can't forget. She was tossing and turning in the bed, sweat dribbling from her forehead. She was clenching the bed sheet in her fist. Suddenly, she sits up screaming Payal. In a café, a group of friends were having fun cracking jokes, and making hand gestures and teasing two of their friends. One of the guy friends stand up brought a recorder and clicked the start button. A rhythmic sound of jingling bells come out of it and all the friends stopped and turned into statues while staring at each other. Only one word going in their mind Payal. What is so upsetting and mysterious about this word Payal.

Adventure / Thriller
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The last day at school

In the middle of an ongoing class, a teacher comes running and calls for the attending teacher to accompany her somewhere in a hurry. Students can see how she actually takes hold of the attending teacher's hand and drags him out of the class to god knows where.
But students are the least concerned to know what is happening, no they are relieved to get a free class and to top it all they get saved from a long list of vacation homework and projects. There is a bubbling excitement among them, lots of plans and ideas to put into action as it's the last day at school after which a long Summer Vacation starts.

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