Doom Rock

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When a young boy goes missing at Doom Rock, 6 children go to investigate. One by one, they slowly disappear. Where are they taken? Who took them? No clues are left except a small, grey rock.

Adventure / Horror
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Adventures start with a story

The wind howls, louder than an alpha wolf. The air is colder than the coldest ice. Something is wrong. What is it? Alfie's breath is clinging to his throat, not daring to enter the freezing atmosphere. Slowly, he's suffocating. Great. He always wanted to die a torturous death, midwinter and alone. That was sarcasm if you didn't understand, by the way. His idea of death is sitting in bed, sipping on some nice, warm, soothing coffee and then peacefully passing. Suddenly, his eyes dart around frantically, looking for something. Not even he knows what but he'll know when he sees it. And then he does. There is a deep hole in the ground, completely frozen on the inside. In movies, it's warm in something like this. Let's hope it's true. As he approaches, his feet dragging along the floor, he trips over something. It's a rock. It seems way too out of place. It's huge. Maybe it is out of place...
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