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Chapter 1 - The Memory

Until one night, Emily woke up in the middle of midnight, screaming at the top of her lungs, “AHHHH!” At that pitch, Matthew woke up, covering his ears with his pillows, tightening his grip as possible to prevent Emily’s high pitch scream from squiggling into his vulnerable ears. When Emily woke up, she sat up from her bed, holding her chest and breathing heavily, unable to catch her breath. Emily was pale, and her eyes were wide open, staring at her collage of family and school pictures, varying from photographs of her relatives and friends. She kicked her comforter off her body and got off her bed that was raised on a platform, and ran to her brother’s room. In the hallway, which was dark, Emily still found a way to see the door and hit it where everyone can hear it. She knocks louder and louder until Matthew opens the door. When Matthew opened the door, he has bags under his eyes, his hair was messy, and his eyes were closing and opening at sight; standing at 5′8” with a white shirt and black flannel pajama pants on. Every time Emily looks at her brother, even when he’s fatigued, she wonders why is Matthew so ‘attractive’ to girls in quotes. She knows that her brother is smart, sneaky, handsome, kind, and boyfriend material with shiny dark brown hair styled like Korean idols but why. Her mind keeps yammering on that thought over and over when she sees her brother or even if she’s in a romantic relationship with someone, but Emily shook her head.

Matthew was tired and said, “What the frick Emily, why are you here?! It’s midnight, go to sleep. I’m tired! ” while trying to close his bedroom door in a sleep-deprived state. Before closing his door, Emily got her hands on it and dashed in.

She ran into Matthew’s room, which is more organized than hers. It had no clothes on the ground and no strong suspicious scents lingering in the air. Emily was looking around, and the bright wallpaper with black and white stripes stung her eyes while trying to get a whole view of what her brother’s room looks like.

While Emily was fascinated and somewhat annoyed with her brother’s room, Matthew was still clung to the topic that Emily just rushed into his room. He was irritated saying “Ugh, Emily, why are you here; it’s 12:10 a.m. We have the first day of summer, and I want to be energized to do summer activities, and if I’m not, I’ll kill you.” While interpreting his words with his hands, waving in the air, making him seem crazy.

“Ugh, c’mon Matthew,” she said while laying down on Matthew’s black bed comforter, spreading her hair. She continued saying: “I’m sorry to disturb you on your day of Summer, Matthew, but I had a weird and somewhat realistic vision or memory, I don’t know-.”

“Well, is that vision, girly, girly, or is it about boys,” while Matthew said sarcastically. Since everything Emily talks about is boys, boys, and girl stuff.

Emily sat up from Matthew’s bed and said with frustration, “Matthew, it’s none of the above!”, “as I was saying, it was not any ordinary memory. I saw our parents, Matthew!”

Matthew was shocked, happy, and somewhat confused, saying, “really, but are you sure it’s our parents?”

“I think it was our parents,” Emily said in disarray, “our parents” were holding our birth certificates, which have our official names and birthdates, after all. Our mom was also holding a medium size box, I didn’t get a clear view of it, but it did have an indented Chinese symbol on the lid, a keyhole, and that’s all I saw. While Mom was holding the box, she and dad said, “when you guys are 17 years old, I hope you open this box there’s something inside that would help you trace us. It would be in your Grandparents’ home. We don’t know if we have enough time to explain, but the box will be in the at--, “Ahhhhh!” I heard a loud bang from behind mom and pa, and they were being dragged away by a bunch of people with black clothing, and then I woke up.

Matthew was shocked and said, “Okay, so it was our parents since they have our birth certificates and signifying us as two people, but what is that box, what’s inside, where is it, and why were they taken away?”

Emily said, “Never mind that Matthew, the box might be the only thing we have of our parents. We need to find it, but all we know is that it’s in this house, but where?” while saying curiously and casually rubbing her chin with her hand.

A lightbulb turned on in Matthew’s mind. He said, “Wait, Emily, you said mom and pa hid the box in the at-,”

Emily said, “Yeah, what’s your idea,” while in confusion.

“Well, the only room that starts with those two letters is the attic!” Matthew continued.

Emily brightened up, “That makes sense, Matthew. I’m so excited to figure out what we have left of our parents, so let’s begin our search at 11 a.m. sharp or after our relatives leave the house for a trip that will the perfect time to begin our search.”

“Ok, Emily, now can you get out of my room, so we can both sleep fully for our search,” Matthew said while pointing out his door.

Emily got off from Matthew’s bed and walked out of his room, Matthew shut the door. Emily was outside in the hallway between her room and her brothers’, while going to her room, Emily started to hear snoring. She went to her room, shutting her door as well. She went up to her bed, and covered herself with her blanket. She started to stare at the ceiling and began saying in her mind, “Can we really find one last trace of our parents, or is it a ruse?” while saying over and over until she fell to sleep.

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