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Chapter 2 - Bright Mornings

By morning, Emily woke up, got off her bed, and started making it. She opens her curtains, not knowing that the sun will instantly beam into her room. She knew in her mind that it was going to be a bright morning and maybe a morning full of surprises that she and her brother will never know of. That thought kept repeating in Emily’s mind while she was getting ready for the morning. She got her clothes from the drawer that is planted in the platform that was raising her bed. She went into the bathroom and put down her clothes on the rack beside the shower. She stared at herself in the mirror above the sink. Emily’s reflection was showing herself at 5′3" with lighter brown hair than her brother’s, curls at the bottom of her hair, she had a soft pointed face, bow-shaped lips, chestnut-colored eyes, and light skin. Even though she just woke up with sleepy eyes, she sure was attractive yet intelligent like her brother. While she looked in the mirror, she thought about the great qualities she both has outside and inside. However, Emily doesn’t know where she has gotten them from; all she knows is that she looks like her mother and acts like her. She just wanted answers related to this, especially to her parents. Emily was desperate to know the answers about her parents and even about her and her brother; the thoughts just kept rushing into Emily’s mind. So, she washed her face, and went inside the shower immediately.

After bathing in the shower, putting her collared purple and white stripe sweater and black jeans on, and getting entirely ready by combing her hair and moisturizing her skin, she finally went to the hallway. The hallway enters into the kitchen, and Emily was standing next to a wooden pillar where she could hear sizzling from the frying-pans and noises from all of her family.

Emily’s home was now lit up by the morning sunshine that was gleaming through the curtains and bringing it throughout the house. The house wasn’t fancy but traditional, it is covered with many family memories, especially what the twins had to endure through their whole life without parents but with a big extended family. Their home is in a peaceful neighborhood in the place where the twins were born, New Hampshire with beautiful greenery near a vast forest where Emily goes to admire the beauty of nature and its science within and where Matthew goes to experience the wild inside of him. The forest near their home is where the twins and their friends normally hang out to clear their head from school or to have fun in a more exhilarating environment away from the constant construction and permanent structures around them. New Hampshire is the twins’ birthplace and is where most of their memories were made.

Besides the forest beside their family-size house, in a normal morning in the twins’ home, their relatives were preparing breakfast. So, Emily went to sit on the stool next to the island where Matthew was waiting for some breakfast.

“Of course,” Emily said while observing Matthew and turning her head towards him, “he was always early for everything, including meals,” while rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrows.

Emily whispered to Matthew saying “Matthew, we have 1 hour before going to the attic, and before they leave,” she said while gesturing to her relatives.

Matthew replied saying “Okay, Emily, but wait. I want breakfast first.”

Right before their eyes, plates of bacon and eggs were placed, *clank, along with forks and knives. Matthew and Emily continued discussing about their plan in secret not disturbing any of their other relatives. However, when the plates were set, a voice across the island interrupted them saying, “C’mon, Matthew and Emily, stop your twin talk. We all know that you guys have a ’special bond,” so stop whispering to each other and eat your breakfast I made you guys,” the twins recognize that sarcastic tone while discussing to each other and looked up. It was one of their cousins, Ava teasing them and their bond-like always. As usual, Matthew and Emily tease her, as well, and stuck their tongue at her, but she was giggling as she walked away, it seems that she was having some fun messing around with Matthew and Emily. She was only one year younger than the twins, but she always finds a way to work them up. When their cousin walked away, Matthew and Emily started to eat, along with their other family members eating beside them. All of their utensils clinging against the plates every time they scoop up some food, *clank, *cling.

After a few minutes, Matthew, Emily, and their other relatives finished eating breakfast. The relatives put their plates in the sink and were putting on their coats and jackets and were leaving the house for a trip once they finished ate. They were saying “Goodbye” to Matthew and Emily since the twins had plans of their own for the day. So, Matthew and Emily turned around on their stools and were waving their arms side to side to say goodbye to their relatives. When they heard the front door close, it was the perfect time to begin their search.

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