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Chapter 3 (Short Chapter) - The Search Begins

It was the perfect time to begin their search, so Matthew and Emily got off their stools. They grabbed both of their empty plates and quickly began washing them in the sink along with the other dirty plates before searching the attic. Matthew and Emily were washing all the dirty plates in the sink, rinsing, scrubbing and rinsing again until all of them are clean. Their job of washing the plates took longer as expected since Matthew’s wild side took over and started to goof off, splashing water at Emily and as war started Emily did to. The twins’ were having fun when their other relatives left, splashing each other with water while washing the dishes and still doing their duties by doing the final touches, drying and putting away all of them in the wooden cabinet, but the fun had to be put on hold because a serious situation is about to take action. Their search for the box that contains the last trace of their parents is about to start.

The twins went on the stairs to the second floor, holding the wooden banister every step they took, the stairs were creaking every time they stepped; both of them weren’t even stepping heavily or lightly at all, but it’s certainly the old wood underneath their moving feet. When they got on the second floor, both of the twins were looking around the floor for something that led to the attic. Both Matthew and Emily never went into the attic before, but they knew they did have an attic in this house, so they suspect looking for an opening. Until Matthew found a latch in the ceiling, he pulled the string that is hooked to the latch. He pulled the string, and a ladder came down, being unfolded before his eyes. When the ladder came to the ground, it made a vast thud, leaving Emily scared.

Emily came closer to the stairs that led to the attic. She looked at the opening, it was dark, and it was surrounding the window that brought a beam of light inside. By the looks of it, she was scared, she never went inside an attic, and she wouldn’t dare to. Emily is just horrified by the fact that anything can come out of the attic and scare the living daylights of her, varying from creatures or creepy silhouettes. That’s why Emily kept on moving away from the attic, so nothing can scare her or her soul from leaving her body. Emily was stricken with so much fear from the attic and her constant thoughts that she was even struggling to walk backwards. She eventually fell on her bottom and kept scooching backwards, farther and farther away from the attic with an opened mouth and eyes that are just filled with terror. Matthew saw what was happening, so he brought Emily up on her feet and took Emily’s arm before she went back downstairs or even tumble down it. He led her inside the attic, up every step, even though she was resisting his grasp. When the twins finally went up the attic, despite Emily’s constant grudges, the attic is dark and narrow. Matthew turned on the lights, and he and Emily started searching. They were searching every corner, every cardboard box, every dusty spot, except there was nothing that resembles the box in Emily’s memory or vision. Matthew and Emily started to lose hope. They were searching for 20 minutes now, and nothing was found. Even when the boxes fell on Emily when she was searching around an unstable box structure and made her whimper like a puppy, they never found anything. All they found in all the spots they checked were pictures of their relatives, themselves, and surprisingly no photos of their parents, but they also found family heirlooms, decorations, dolls, etc. There was no hope. However, while Matthew was walking around, trying to let go of the nerve inside him, he stubbed his toe, and he went “Ahh!”screaming like a girl.

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