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Chapter 4 - Inside the Box

When Matthew stubbed his toe, he was whimpering with pain. He grabbed his toe, constantly saying “Ow, ow,” before falling down on the creaky and old floorboards. Emily was getting off the boards and wiping herself off her butt after several boxes fell on her that she heard a little girls’ scream. She was walking to the stairs to look for the girl that screamed only to look down and realize that the scream was her brother. She was holding her laughter that she was covering her mouth with her hand and she couldn’t hold it when she saw her brother on the ground, acting like a little baby, rubbing his toe. She was tired of Matthew’s babyish behavior, even though it was great entertainment for her to watch for hours and hours. She pushed him away to see what Matthew actually hit that made him act like a baby. When Emily pushed Matthew out of her way, Matthew definitely didn’t like that, but Emily ignored him and kneeled down to take out what supposedly made Matthew stubbed his toe. It was an object that was tuck in between two boxes, and this was the one thing that the twins never saw or looked at while doing their search. Emily got a closer look at the box and saw the indented Chinese symbol that resembled the box in her memory. She rubbed the symbol in amazement.

“Matthew, it’s a box,” Emily said in astonishment.

Matthew was confused and said, “Yes, Emily, it’s a box, just a box.”

Emily replied saying “Matthew, noo!! It’s THE box, from my vision or memory, I don’t know what to call it,” while saying it angrily.

Matthew had that glow on his face. A sense of happiness was expressed throughout him. He sat closer to Emily, and he responded to Emily saying “Ohh, I never knew, let’s open it, Emily, this is the only thing of our parents, no matter what it is, we have it in our hands.”

The wind started to gust, and creaking was coming from the windows, opening, and closing when the wind came in. Their faces were close together. They opened the box, amazed that the box needed no key. The box was opened, happiness from Emily drained away when she saw what was inside the box. Inside was a note, a locket, and a picture. Emily had her hopes too high. She was disappointed, and tears came out of her eyes, wiping them every time they came down. She said in an angry voice, “That’s all a piece of paper, a cheap locket, and another picture. We spent 20 minutes in this creepy attic to find our parents’ only thing, a box that was only filled with nothing but garbage!” She kept her head down, hitting her legs with her fist, over and over. Matthew was disappointed, as well, but he grabbed the note, unfolding it, and what he saw can make him and Emily’s day.

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