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Chapter 5 (Final Chapter) - The Key to Their Parents?

“Emily, don’t be sad, I opened the note, and there’s a phone number on it -,” Matthew said.

“I think it’s an ordinary phone number that doesn’t lead us closer to finding a trace of our parents,” Emily said furiously.

“Emily don’t be sarcastic. It’s not an ordinary phone number, it’s our parents’ number. Underneath the number, it says, “Hi, Matthew and Emily, if you’re reading this and dying to find a trace of us, your parents, call this number: ___ - ____ - ..... It’ll make your day. P.S. - we’re so sorry for being out of your lives for 17 years, we hope to be back, but this is the only thing we can share with you while we hide away from some people.”

Emily sat up, wiping her tears away. She stood next to Matthew while looking at the note, which is a little weathered after staying in the box for 17 years. After looking at the note, Emily was happy again, jumping up and down. She said in amazement, “It’s their phone number. Matthew, do you have your phone? If you do, call the number right now. It’s our last chance to hear their voice in a clear tone.”

Matthew got out his chrome black iPhone from his ripped jean pocket. He was hesitating while opening it and trying to dial each number on the keypad on his phone. While next to him, Emily was making more noises, jumping up and down impatiently, waiting for Matthew to dial the number. On Matthew’s side, he finished dialing the number. When he finished, Emily came closer, and Matthew put it in speaker mode so both he and Emily can hear. Both of them were more joyful when it seems that their parents picked up their phones. So, both of them said, “Mom and Pa! It’s your children, can you hear us!” Out of the phone, they heard something miraculously. They heard their parents’ voices saying “Yes, we can, is that you, Matthew and Emily!” Matthew was shocked, and so was Emily. They couldn’t wait to talk to their parents once again. And ask questions to know where they are and why they abandoned their two children. It seems there are more secrets to be uncovered either by the parents, their relatives, themselves and much mor

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