The Eye of the Predator

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Chapter One

As Alissa ran through the woods from the murder of crows, she heard a helpless voice cry out

"ALLIE" It sounded like her little brother Tommy but it wasn't. He died with her parents when she was twelve its been three years he would of been eight. She ignored him the crows have been deceiving poor runners since the Hail started

Alissa hoisted her backpack up hoping she'd be one of the ten or fifteen that made it back to the safe place with the cans of food. Today she took a risk and stole from the person who started the Hail which is why she was being chased by crows right than.

"ALLIE" This time it was her moms voice. It would be wonderful to wake up and realize this is all just a horrible dream. But no instead she realizes her life is an actual nightmare.

However hearing her mothers voice made her stumble despite knowing it was just the crows. "Shit" She curses under her breath as she feels a sharp pain in her ankle. She keeps running through the pain. If she stopped she would be kidnaped and turned into a sliate. They take your feelings and mute all of them but rage its rare to recover from being sliated and even rarer to recover with no zero mental problems. The process is said to be rather painful.

She sees the barbwire fence of the safe place coming into view. She made it back to the place she's called home for the pass two years.

A/N: Oh dear it appears you've clicked on a shit show. Well enjoy it. Please understand I'm not a great writer the chapters will be short and the plot will have more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. There will not be a soiled writing schedule.

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