The Eye of the Predator

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Chapter Two

As Alissa walked into The Safe Place she was greeted by Ronii.

“Hey Allie good to see you still alive.” He smiles softly.

“Hey Ronii I think I hurt my ankle would you take a look at it” Alissa says hobbling over to him he skims over it, poking in a few places that Alissa winces at.

“Well you didn’t break it which is good ice it for the rest of the day and it should be fine.” He says not saying what’s wrong with it but saying how to fix it.

“Thanks Ronii your a life saver” Alissa says limping to the drop off station with the cans she got from the run.

She signs in to let everyone know she is still alive as ever, which isn’t very seeing the situation. She put her cans in her box and did the math to see how many she could keep so she gets more than one meals a day she got a good amount so about three cans.

She grabs a can of clam chowder some corn beef hash and some tomato soup.

“That’s one breakfast one lunch and one for the go bag” Alissa mutters under her breath.


“Hi Terri, Yeah it seems so.” Alissa winces at the sound of Terri’s shrill voice.

“I’m so stoked to see you” Terri says looking over Alissa to see if she’s hurt

“I’m fine Terri don’t worry about me. Aren’t you having your run soon? ” Alissa ask to change the subject.

“Yeah, tomorrow actually.” She says her mood diming

“Well its been fun. I have to get to my room to rest have a good night” Alissa says limping away purposely avoiding telling her about ankle so she doesn’t worry about her on her run tomorrow.

“Mmk good night see you tomorrow” If your going on a run than you don’t mention the fact that you might be sliated it'll lower your mood all of the things you were angry about will combined and you'll kill everyone you can.

When Alissa got back to her room she put her tomato soup in her go bag and took stock. The bag contained two bottles of water and fifteen cans of food.

Alissa was careful over the years to try not to make any deep connections to avoid making it hard to leave.

In the safe place you could get a job to buy non-necessities such as books, art books and music stuff. Alissa works with the kids in the nursery to earn money. It took half a year to buy an iPod and charger which Alissa uses every day. She put on some music, iced her ankle and went to bed.

Four years ago,

"Allie get up, get up its my birthday." Tommy said with a big goofy grin on his face.

"Is it now." Alissa said getting up and hoisting tommy on to her waist.

"Yep." He says popping the P.

"I'm four" Tommy says proudly.

"Oh really, well what do yah say French Toast for breakfast?" Alissa asks raising an eyebrow.

"Mama's already making it" Tommy says.

"Well lets go get some then, Race you" Alissa says pretending to get in a race position.




"GOOOOOOO" Tommy darts down the stairs and through the hall while Alissa pretends to be running as fast as she could.

When they get down to the kitchen Alissa pretends to pant while Tommy celebrates his victory.

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