The Journey to Tomorrowland!

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A little boy has always dreamed of going to space, but an asteroid strikes his house and injured his leg. Soon later it heals and he tries to build a rocket out of old medal scraps he found in a shed. He tried 1,000’s of designs and his goat ate one of them. His last design was great he decided to try and go to space, but when he made it he was lost. He saw Mars and Jupiter but no Earth. Finally he found an alien and the alien came to earth with sawyer everybody wanted to go to space because of this little boy, and he is now known as the cutest and smartest boy in the world!

Adventure / Children
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The Journey to Tomorrowland!

One day a little boy named Sawyer was outside looking at the stars, and he decided to become an astronaut when he gets older! He went inside to tell his mom about his big plans. Suddenly he felt his house shaking. Would he be okay? What about his family?

He ran inside yelling “ Momma, Daddy where are you?” Sawyer’s mom and sister were in Addy and Nora’s bathroom. His dad Levi was trying to get Sawyer and there dog and goat Jack and Spot.
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