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Wilbur goes on a dangerous adventure to find his father.

Adventure / Thriller
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The boy

I’d just woken up to a loud bang outside of my jungle treehouse. I got up almost Immediately with Oli, my pet frog right behind my trail. I fluttered my red, yellow, and blue wings that sat on my back, once I had seen what was on my front doorstep. It was a massive box! I don’t remember what I got but it must be good because of the size. I ripped that box as fast as I could, desperate to see what good thing must be in store for me. My smile immediately faded the second I saw what was in there. Why was there a small letter in such a huge box?

I reached my hand in to grab the small and puny letter, with Oli looking over my shoulder, well rather sitting on my shoulder. I slowly opened the letter scared to ruin the letter. Before reading the letter I skimmed through it noticing the flowy cursive font written in gold ink, it had to be from someone rich and famous. Wait am I going to be famous? I thought to myself, with a huge grin on my face before I realized who the letter was from. It was from The Parrot King, my father, the one who left me behind because I was more human than he wanted.

I started to actually read the letter, it had stated that The Parrot King wants me back. Was I the one who left him? Did I run away? It had been so long ago that this had happened, I don’t know what to think or even happened. I finished reading it, and he wanted me there by Midnight, 12 a.m. tomorrow or I’ll be turned into an actual parrot, but he lived at least 3 days away! I sighed.

I did not know what The King wanted but whatever it was it is not worth turning into a full on parrot. I already struggle with wings on my back, I don’t need to become completely feathery, plus I don’t need a beak. I turned to Oli as I backed up my white satchel.

“I don’t understand what he wants from me, he already sent me away.” I explained “ribbit.” Oli responded with. “See! You get me.” I told the frog.

I grab Oli and throw him into my bag, he poked his head out as I checked my map. I jumped all the way down from my tree house, flapping my wings on my way down so I wouldn’t hurt myself. “Well, this is going to be a long and annoying trip.” I explained to my frog companion. He didn’t answer, despite him not answering I continue to keep marching to our destination.

After I’d been walking for a long time I took a break for the night. Once I sat down I realized that I was pretty close, it wasn’t going to take three days! I explained this to Oli but he only responded with “ribbit.” and “croak.” Since It was dark out I quickly started a fire and set up camp for the night. I stared up at the stars with Oli sitting on my chest. “I wonder if it’s really worth it.” I sighed before drifting off to sleep.

When the morning finally came around, Oli and I woke up with a big stretch. I yawned dreading waking up. I hate mornings. I thought as I grabbed my water bottle and fruits from my satchel for my breakfast, while Oli caught bugs. After a little while I got with my frog ready to continue my journey. I put my campfire out and skipped to my destination, humming my favorite tunes. I followed exactly how my map told me to get to apparently the Parrot King’s castle but I didn’t see anything nor did Oli. There was only a weird shaped tree.

I sighed once more “I knew there was no point in coming here.” “Ribbbbbit…” Oli agreed.

As I started to turn around I felt the ground shake, I turned around quickly terrified of what I saw. It was a giant monstrous bird thing! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I continuously say to myself. Oli jumped out of my satchel to hide somewhere else for his safety. As that huge bird squawked loudly, waving its head around. I covered my hears as I inspected it.

There was no way that thing was a parrot, parrots are colorful tiny cute things that repeat what you say. This thing was absolutely huge! It was built more like an eagle than a parrot. It had to be at least 10 feet tall. The so-called Parrot King had a dark purple feather spread across his body, while red and white was at the tips of his wings. It had a crest on the top of its head that matched the red and white that was on his wings. The Parrot King had yellow beady eyes with no pupils! Along with a red neck and a blue beak! This thing had three tails that were all green. I absolutely hated staring at it.

I didn’t know what to do, I kind of just starred, shaking. “Uh hey” I laughed nervously. The bird obviously didn’t take it well and slammed forwards, like how a bird eats seeds and pecks except I think I’m the food. I rolled out of the way obviously not wanting to get hurt. Ewwww I’m all covered in dirt, I thought quickly trying to wipe it off before the Bird King striked again.

I thought this was meant to be a happy moment. Did I go to the wrong place? Is this the wrong Bird King? Thoughts were racing through my head I couldn’t think of any good plan that would be a good outcome. It was 11:23 p.m. I had a little less than a hour to think of something before midnight. Maybe I could outrun it? Maybe I could tire it out? I doubted all my thoughts. I just ran as fast as I could not think.

I quickly turned the corner to watch the monstrous bird run past, I had a little time. Hoping that was just a guard or something that isn’t the great parrot king. I ran back to the tree where the bird appeared. Once I got close to the big tree I heard that foul screech again. I didn’t want to look back but I did, I saw him once more.

Running inside the bird was still somewhat far behind catching up quickly. I noticed a few wooden swords in the tree before I grabbed them. I turned around with the bird right in front of me. You don’t know how bad I wanted to scream. This was it. This was the end. I was face to face with a demon, there is no way I wouldn’t die. I closed my eyes and stayed tense as it slowly creeped towards my face. I stood there for a while before opening my eyes. Everything went black…

And then I woke up with my little sister on top of me with her new bird in my face.

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