After The Sunset

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Paisley Owen is fresh out of high school and for the summer she and her two best friends—Faye Ringer and Gwen Ellis—head up to Paisleys aunts house in Boston, Massachusetts to ride out one last amazing summer together. They have many wild adventures, some less to love and some heartbreak, but at least they’ll make memories that will surely stay with the, always.

Adventure / Romance
Anaiah May
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The Flight leading To Summer

Tell me your clumsy without telling me your clumsy, I’ll go first.

“Ouch.” I woke up this morning super exited for the summer and tripped down the stairs.

“Yeah, when you get your apartment I suggest having it downstairs.” My mom looks back at me from behind our countertop.

“Wow thanks for the advice mom.” I say sarcastically.

“Wow thanks for the advice mom.” I say sarcastically. “Besides I haven’t even started looking.”

“What!?” My mom almost drops the pan in her hand.

I side eye her waiting for her to continue.

“But you have applied, acceptance letters come in less than a week.”

I plop myself on the black leather couches. “Yep, Eastwood is a no brainer.” Sighing I whisper under my breath, “it’s set in stone.”

I face the television and move my hand towards the remote as my mother continues. “Thats right, you great grandmother went there, my mom went there, and I went there. It’s practically tradition.” She says as if it’s supposed to mean something.

“Whatever.” I answer and turn to see what’s playing.

“So, aunt Mesa’s this summer, huh?” She tries terribly to change the subject, which nevertheless I’m thankful for.

“Yep, she said I could bring Faye and Gwen too.”

“How lovely.”

Aunt Mesa doesn’t have any kids and she lives in Boston Massachusetts. Basically the regal my mom never was and my grandmother despised. Mom and aunt Mesa don’t really get along and let me tell you right here, it is not because aunt Mesa lives in Massachusetts.

I’m like their Hogwarts owl. It fine though, I don’t mind speaking to my aunt for my mom because aunt Mesa doesn’t really feel like an aunt at some points. She’s more like a cool sister of anything. I can talk to her about anything, and she’s not biased. So, it’s a win win.

However, when I get mad at my mom aunt Mesa drives all the way up to Washington, D.C. where we live and takes me out for ice cream. Of course if she’s at work she can’t, but as soon as she gets off. She in her car ready to drive 7 hours just for me. She can’t stay for long, but it’s nice to know she’ll always be here if I need it.

This summer aunt Mesa invite me to her house since I won’t be able to go down as much throughout the school year because I’m starting college in Daphnia, which is like NewYork, only smaller with more people. Classes will be tough to get around as well.

So, this summer Im determined to make it count, my last summer as a kid. What could go wrong, right? Its like 3:00 am and my flight leaves at 4:00 am. My bag is packed and my phone is charged. The only things I’m missing are about to pull up.

Faye and Gwen carpooled with Faye’s mom so it would be easier to drop us off. They’re just on time with picking me up. Faye hopped out the car, her honey blond hair pinned up for the flight ahead. Gwen stayed in the car, probably trying to get as much sleep as she can before we have to deal with crying children and old self obsessed ladies.

“Hey, are you ready!?” Faye asked with a huge grin on her face.

“Of course!” I responded.

“Stay safe.” My mom yells from our steps as Faye helps my luggage in the car.

“We will!” I shout back.

“Fingers crossed.” Faye giggled as we both jumped in the back, waking up Gwen.

“What in the world.” She mumbles, lifting her head.

“Come on your seriously sleeping?”Faye asks.

“It’s 3:00 in the morning.” She whines, pulling a pillow over her ears.

“Aren’t you all exited.” Faye’s mom calls.

“Who wouldn’t be!?” Faye shouts. “We’re going to Boston!”

“In about 2 hours were going to be seeing bright lights and our dreams will come true.” She says, I mean she not wrong but that in New York is it not?

“Come on, let’s stop at Starbucks.” Faye asks.

“Yeah, we have time.” I add.

“If your sure.” Her mom responds.

“If we miss flight I swear.” Gwen threatens.

“We won’t.” Faye reassures.

“Okay, it get me a cake pop.” She hums

“Done. Anything else?”

“No... thank you.”


We pull into a Starbucks drive through and get our drinks, I myself am very plain so I got a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. We bought Gwen a chocolate cam pop, which matched her hair wonderfully and Faye bought a Green Tea Latte.

It was then that we heard Faye’s mom honk her horn. “Get in we have 30 minutes to make get you on that plane!”

We rush out the door and hop in the black Sudan. While Faye’s mom rushes through green lights and speeds through the yellow ones, Gwen, Faye, and I come up with a game plan. Finally with 15 minutes to spare we rush out of the car with our bags, make our way through security, and throw our things away.

No we’re putting our luggage on our flight with literally 5 minutes or less.

“Right there!” Faye shouts.

Gwen and I look o where her finger is pointed and we see our flight number. We rush through a small crowd of people and finally board our plane.

Breathing and exhaling air, we find our seats in the worst place, the middle of the plane. Could this honestly be worse? Well, I mean yes it could, but come on. At least I don’t have to sit next to a kid. Unlike poor Faye with a kid directly behind her.

I sit on the left of Faye while Gwen sits on the right, I feel bad because I knew she wanted to sleep the rest of the way so I offer to switch seats.

“Hey, Gwen do you want to switch?”

“Uhm...” she looks at me then smiles. “It’s fine, might as well wake up since it’s only an hour flight, right?”

“I guess.” I smile back.

Well, on the bright side in an hour I’ll be in Boston, Massachusetts with y two besties for one last amazing summer? What could honestly go wrong form here on out?
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