A Christmas Miracle: Lost On Christmas

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Are We Lost?!

“What do you mean, ‘you don’t know’?”
“Well, the map says we’ve arrived.”
“It’s a dead end,” Chris said
“You know, I’m really starting to question your sanity,” I told James. He was the map person and he got us lost.
“So, what do we do now?," asked Avery. She was always quick to find a solution instead of dwelling on the problem. I was like that too until my dad because I had no solution to the massive problem. I cry everyday because there was nothing I could do. Anyway, back to the problem at hand.
“I’m gonna call Mom and let her in on the situation,” I told Miles. He was supportive of the idea. I dialed her number and she picked on the first ring.
“Hey Mom.”
“Hey baby. You guys were meant to be back hours ago. What happened?”
“Mom, that’s the reason I’m calling. We’re lost.” I then gave her a rundown of what happened from the mall to the last second.
“Mom, there’s no way we’ll be back tonight. We have no inkling where we are,” I told her almost crying.
“Baby, don’t cry. I understand. I’ll be waiting for your call. Okay?”
“Okay. Bye Mom. Love you.”
“Love you too baby. Be safe.” The line then went dead.
When I went back to the guys, Miles was on the phone.
“Thanks man. I owe you one”, he said then cut the call.
“Who was that?“, I asked
“A friend that lives close by. He offered to pick us from here,” he said.
“And where exactly is here?," I asked
“We are in Winchester,” he said as a matter-of-fact
“How do you know?”
He raised his phone where his google map was opened.
“So, where does this friend of yours live? You know his house has to contain all of us right?" I inquired
“His house can contain us no problem,” Miles reassured
“Thanks for coming on such short notice man. I appreciate,” Miles said to his friend that looked super delicious. He had a square jaw with muscles for days. I could have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But that wouldn’t happen because I am saving myself for marriage. Hopefully.
“What are best friends for eh”, the guy replied.
We still didn’t now his name because we hadn’t been introduced.
“So, are you guys going to introduce us?“, Avery asked the question on my mind. She turned to me and winked As if she knew what I was thinking.
“Oh right. Hayden this is Avery, Ava, James”, he said pointing at them.

“And this”, he said pulling me to him, “is my little sister Christine.”
“Well, aren’t you adorable,” Hayden commented.
“And she is also off limits,” my brothers said giving Hayden a mean glare.
“Shall we go?," he asked
“We shall.”
We entered the fancy car and in it was a driver who looked at Hayden and asked “Where to your Majesty?”
“Home," Hayden replied
“Why did he call you ‘Your Majesty’?“, I asked
“Because, I’m a prince.”
A series of gasps echoed around the car. Mine was the loudest. Obviously.

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