The Worst Witch

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A girl name Mildreds magical adventure to Cackle's academy with her best friends Maud Spell Body and Enid Nightshade read this book to understand Millis Adventure

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A magical school

Helping mum was the best way to keep her happy. She loves breakfast in bed so I decided to do it. Everything is made now just serve it to my mum. Out from my balcony I could see something blurred and fast what could It be I thought. Oh cheese I forgot interduce my self Its Mildred Hubble and I love writing books this is my first book ever written. Well lets continue oh wait is that what I see its a real broom stick I thoughts witches’ were not real out of the balcony I went and it was real it was a girls flying on broom sticks wow I could not believe, on my right side a girl was coming and she crashed to my balcony. Hi I am Milldred and you are. Huh I Maud Spell Body. My glasses are broken and I could not see where I am going its probably fallen down. I love helping people so I decided to help her, though it was wired because the outside people think we are growing something on the grass. It was miss Halley well I call her miss Halley but her real name is miss Haller wood. She came up to me and asked: What are you doing Milldred. I replied: I was just helping this girl Maud to find her glasses. Miss Hall said well I always change name but anyways she said: Who which girl. I pointed my friend Maud but the lady could not see her I said: Oh well mums calling me I gotta go, but really I wanted to help her out so I did mom did not really call me. After 2 seconds Maud said non- magical people can not see me because my broom protected me from that. I said really astonished then how can I see you. She said: you can see me. I can that’s what I said and she replied that’s a miracle. So I found her glasses broken and I decided to help he by flying I tried a lot times and finally it worked but it carried me with it. Oh no I guess I am coming with you. Maud said just tell me the way I shouted a lot telling right left and since I did not know how to ride a broom so we ended up in a pond. It was miss hard broom who said what’s you name Maud Spell Body my friend replied hmm I can find you name in my list and what’s yours she was pointing at me and I said Mildred Hubble. Miss Hardbroom said: I cannot find your name here. Maud said: Oh its because her parents did not sign up. Miss Hardbroom said oh well I shall write your name in my list. But why I said. Maud said because you helped me. Oh and I got to go in the academy and also I texted mum that I was out. And then I got a full academy view. But I forgot to tell my first ever magic a real one I saw was when miss Hardbroom dried me up from the pond I fell. A girl was over smarting a lot named Ethel Hallow. She said a lot bas things but still Maud my new told she blames a lot just ignore her. Well a good witch Esmeralda Hallow sister of Ethel was kind and she was the one who showed me the whole school and taught where all classes are and the teacher. Then we went back to our head ministers miss Ada Cackle and we call her Miss Cackle. Miss Cackle said before you start your learning you have to write your entrance exam to see how much you know and to choose who is your head for year one. Ok the next amazing adventure at chapter two will be the Entrance Exam . Well I am scared because I don't know anything about witches even the definition of potions so I am really scared and also I would like to say in all subjects there is this Entrance Exam...….

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