The Worst Witch

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The Entrance Exam

The exam started and it was a quite room. How ever I did not know then answers to this question. I got angry and mad because I did not know all of the question. I was hard so I left the the paper and was about to run home, and on my way I saw Miss Cackle she said some words like: When I was small just like your age I also did know the answer but this is what I did just tried my best. I shooed and went to my bench and stated writing. I was just going through my paper normally. And miss hardbroom said it was time up. She collected my paper and said: Mildred Hubble you got 1% in you exam because you just wrote your own name correctly and also her voice is a low and a creepy sound but still she is the second head minister. Ok now its the exams of potions and we had to make a flying spell so I opened the book and took the incidence and half of the incidence miss bat my singing teacher told me.

Breath of fire, hide of armor Give me strength, give me glamour teeth of diamond, claw of steel, force my enemies to kneel Let my bolts of flames be hurled and my power shall rule the world and that is my spell. I needed the breath of fire but the last one Ethel took it. So I sneaked it to her table and took. Ethel thought she already put the breath of the fire but she did not. So then I and Maud drank the potion and it worked then Ethel said: I can feel it going through my brain and whoosh she turned into a snake more than a snail. Esmeralda tuned her back. She said someone has stole some secret ingredient. I said it was me and soon HB heard that HB means Miss Hard Broom after she heard that she expelled me. Oh and yes I forgot to tell I named my cat Tabby. So hear I go yes she told me that I am expelled on my way I met Miss Cackle I was crying and gave me a towel to wipe my tears I wiped my tears she said to me go and I was about to go until I saw she cook a recipe using my tears and I found out that was Miss Cackles sister. I ran to miss Cackle but by that time HB got me out of the school. Oh no no no no miss Cackle is in danger. There was a frog the frog showed me all the incidence to make the flying potion I made it and up I flew. woooooooooosh I filed. That time our cook Miss Tapioca did not know that it was the magical sabotage soup she gave it to her and Miss Drill our sports teacher drank it and had Agatha as our school headmistress in mind. Miss Cackle was about to drink it wooshed in to the table and said do not drink it. I said your sister made it and wanted to be the principle of this school. Miss Cackle believed her. Then Agatha sister of Ada told that we will have a fight and who looses will be the headmistress. miss Cackle agreed they had a fight and everyone was protected by some steeled that HB put. But I was the only one who was hiding behind the chair and I told my can to nock down the soup and it fell all over Agatha and she was udder control of Miss Cackle. Then miss Cackle took Agatha’s magic and send her home. Now I was happy because I could stay because I saved the whole school. But that time I said to miss Cackle that I am non magical but miss cackle told you still can see us and do some magic you will be put on trial classes I should bring your mother here. Miss Cackle magicked up my mum. And asked a lot of question she said can I speak to Mildred private. She said: when should I call you then I said its a boarding school. My mum allowed she will do anything for me. I am done with my trial class and I am staying forever yay. So now the next chapter will be the new girl so see you there. And I hope the new new girl is kind generous I don't like any one to be mean with me noe cross like Ethel. Ethel thinks she is going to be the head but lets see in the next chapter who will be the head for sure its not going to be me because I scored 1% in my exam.........

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