The Worst Witch

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The New Girl

Wake up Millie. Millie is my nick name and Maud call me Millie. Millie the new girl has arrived, she came with her family. Uhhh who is it the nightshades. Oh really I jumped with joy the who school was waiting outside watching the nightshades come. Enid Nightshade was the girls name. We went to our respective class and again Ethel Hallow started to show of it was music first. We sang the academy song. But Enid sang it weird I laughed and Ethel said: I suppose Miss Bat should choose a partner of Enid. Miss Bat said: I am not the one who is going to choose. Enid Nightshade whom do you like to be your pattern. Enid said: Mildred Hubble. Miss Bat: uh I don’t think that’s a good idea. Enid: my mom and dad said every witches are same kind and sweet. Miss Bat: Ok I suppose you could choose Mildred Hubble.

I said: Really you want me to be your partner after all that Laughing. Enid: my mom and dad said every witches are same kind and sweet. And which is the next class? I replied Potions. Enid replied: Teacher? Me: HB. Enid: what? I said laughing: HB means Miss Hard broom. Enid: Oh I know her the grumpiest witch. Me: well she is strict also and she will get us quick expelled. Enid: we better Hurry. HB: Class dismissed we have a broom riding exam and after Esmeralda will tell who is the head. I lifted my broom by saying: Hover. Then I sat on it I was flying superbly then Tabby jumped on to my shoulders I lost my Balance and I was falling into the ground thank god HB saved me. Miss Cackle gave me 4 miss Drill gave me 3 and I cant forget miss HB she gave me 1 like always. And I could not believe that I passed I passed I got 8 but its not bad out of 20 I got 8. That's how I screamed. Then we went inside and Esmeralda was there with a golden scarf, she said: Ok now I will announce the Head of year one and the head of year one, is HB stepped in. Esmeralda continues: Maud Spell Body. Maud: Millie its really me I am the head of year one. Ethel: How, How much did I score in my exam. Miss HB: Maud spell body scored full 100% and Ethel you scored 96%. Ethel: but how? HB: no words miss Hallow. Ethel: huh I scored 96 and that's all because of Mildred Hubble . Me: I dint do anything Ethel. Maud: That's ok just ignore her mill. Me: you call me Mill and I'll call you Mau. Me and Maud laughed. I ran I totally forgot about Enid I said: Sorry Maud I cant hangout now because I have to show Enid the next class come on Maud meet Enid. Maud met Enid and they became the 3 best friends.

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