The Worst Witch

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The Great Wizards Visit

Mill wake up Maud exclaimed. Me: why its a good day. Maud: Ya because the grate wizard is coming to visit us quick get dressed. I got dressed. The great wizard arrived. I thought he was going to come on a broom but he came in a long car. Ethel: Well met your greatness I’m Ethel Hallow. Great wizard: Well met Ethel. So that’s how it goes. And soon It was my turn. I was clumsy I said: Well Met you Ga Greta Grandness? huh very funny. I am Mildred Hubble. Wizard: Well met Mildred. I whispered to Maud I am so clumsy these days. Miss cackle wanted to say something about me to the great wizard, She talked to the grate wizard pivotally. They sat in Miss Cackles office and miss Cackle said: In this school there is a talented witch. But she is non magical. But she can see all of us. And her name is Mildred Hubble. Can you please find out if she is really magical. Great Wizard: Ok but if she is not then she should be expelled immediately. Miss Cackle agreed. The great wizard miss Cackle and Mildred sat on a chair and the great wizard said: Mildred Hubble show me your hand and then the great wizard began: With the Childs hand let me know the truth I’m the witches code and I want to know the truth truth truth truth. In mildreds hand there was a bubble in that bubble it said Mildred is a real witch her Granny was Mirabelle Hubble She gave up her magic to the founding stone and that’s how all of them are not magical. Mildred is the 1st witch in her family. So Mildred you are a witch. I was happy I jumped with joy. Miss Cackle congratulation Mildred and that was my Diary this was the main things of my life so I am still in this school bye gotta go its potions HBs class............

By Diya Fathima

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