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Transmigrated into the body of a boy from another universe, Raven will embark on a magical journey no one knew what the end was. Equipped with experience from his past life, he'll shake the lands of Spyllnr and wreak havoc to those who dares belittle him and the ones he cherished. *Story note* I personally edited the cover but the art wasn't mine. Fanart of Sephiroth: An entry of Mayura_chan from zerochan *Readers warning* This story includes cussing and some stuff that will be deemed improper for audience below 18 years of age. Proper guidance is advised. © All rights reserved.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Rebooting (1)

Spyllnr, a place where towering trees and mountains shoots through the sky, creatures that were supposed to be part of a myth are common, and mystical places that you can only imagine does exist.

It is also a place where 'essence energy' is present.

Essence energy is an omnipresent thing in this world. Ancient tomes also stated that the universe existed because of it.

Essence energy is widely acknowledged as the foundation of every living being present in this world.

Every living being in Spyllnr has a thing called spirit insignia. A spirit insignia is a latent potential within an individual, affecting the affinities with essence energies, how far can their martial prowess advance and many more.


'Fuck.. My head hurts so much.. holy shit..'

Raven tries to open his eyes as he grabs anything that can support him from standing up.


{Successfully booted.}

Raven somehow found a platform to hold on to.

'I can't rest here anymore.. they.. might be near me somewhere.. must find another pla-'


{Options are now available.}

And an entire foreign thing sounded somewhere causing him to slip down.

'Fuuuc-!?? What the hell was that?'

The voice was clearly from a lady, but it sounds emotionless as if it came from an AI. He tried searching around with difficulty (because of how dizzy and weak he is feeling right now) but found nothing.

His eyes now opened, Raven observed around. He noticed that the sun is now setting, evident from the orange-ish hue from the sky. Trees, shrubs and a river were in his surroundings. His clothes were damped, and injuries riddled his entire body.

"Where the heck am I?"

Confused at this circumstance, he lied down quietly beside the river, his mind ran back to the memories just a couple of moments ago.


Raven was an assassin by profession, a particularly outstanding one at that. Ever since his debut 3 years ago, there was no place he could not infiltrate and his rate of success was a hundred percent. It was something that is utterly impossible, but he somehow managed to pull off.

Thus, he became the acknowledged number one assassin in the underworld. At the same time, the name "Reaper" rose to the first spot of the underworld's top ranked experts. Whoever or whatever the target is, the Reaper will finish it quick and clean like a judge from hell.

The downside though, he also occupied the honorable, shining and glittering number one spot for bounty offered on a head. Indeed, his bounty was astronomically high and it ranked first amongst the world's bounty ranking even until now.

That was not to say that no one was willing to take on this request, rather there was no one who was capable of completing it! No one possessed the ability to go toe to toe against Raven, much less kill him.

Countless daredevils took on the job, but the only reward they obtained was death, while the "Reaper" lived.

He has his own bottom-line though, he won't kill someone if it doesn't suit his taste. He won't do it even if you pay him a quarter of the world. But will willingly took action when the case interests him, even if the pay was only.. donuts.

Yes, there's a time when he was just passing by a slum district to complete a mission, and a little girl was crying in front of their house, a box of donuts were sprawled on the ground where the little girl's parents are currently lying down.

Turns out, the parents of the little girl was murdered by hoodlums because of some 'protection fees'.

Raven instantly understood what happened and asked the girl if he can get a donut as his payment. A donut for a bunch of good-for-nothing thugs? What a steal, eh?

Fast forward to his recent mission, where he's tasked by 'The Union' to retrieve a relic from the ancient times that was recently uncovered in the pyramids. The said relic was producing massive energy storms capable of contesting the energy produced by hundreds of power plants combined.

Now, anything that produces energy will be beyond valuable to any country, much less one capable of contesting hundreds of nuclear-powered plant at that, so, over thirty international organizations were present and the association where "Reaper" belonged to also sent him and a separate team for the said mission.

Skirmishes and bloody battles were everywhere along the way towards where the energy is coming from.

Until there are only small amount of people left.

Facing off with each other while looking at the distant floating orb of dense energy, it was both mystical and horrifying.

The last final stand of carnage happened and lasted for over an hour. It got to the point where "Reaper" was the only one alive from his team, and he had to face enemies from multiple directions. Left with no choice, he ran straight to the orb disregarding the chaos while being protected by his special suit, grabbed it and ran for his life.

It didn't end well for him though. As he was running with it, an extremely horrifying and massive storm of energy pulsated from the orb that devoured everyone in the vicinity.


As he was combing information from his memories, he heard the mechanical voice of a lady somewhere yet again.


{Options are now available.}

'Wait.. is this..?'

Raven knew somehow from that moment, he heard it somewhere inside his head. He couldn't clearly just point out how though, he was surrounded by trees, shrubs and a river, besides all of that, there's nothing nearby that can produce a machine-like sound.

"Uhr-uhmm.. Uhh.. show?"


[Emergency Module]


A black panel then popped up in front of him. Glaring red lights dyed the 'Emergency Module' on, as if to say that it really needs some immediate attention right now while 'Introduction' sits below it, giving off some faint light.

He was shocked by this turn of events as he couldn't possibly know what is happening right now.

So he tried to think and came up with the conclusion that going with the flow won't harm him anyway.

Anyone would know that an introduction would be some kind of tutorial or some sort so Raven particularly didn't worry about that one.

He was staring intently at the glaring red 'Emergency Module', pondering what to do next. Then the next panel popped up naturally.

"Oh... it doesn't need to be said... saves me from some embarrassing stuff."

He mumbled to himself as if cringing from his earlier actions.

[Soul is damaged. Needs immediate repair in order to function completely.

Find a living object and extract their soul.

Extracted soul/s: 0%

Time limit: 42:17:52

Reward/s: General control of the system.

Penalty/s: Death]


< Chapter 1 > Fin.


Single quotations (' ') are meant for inner thoughts while the doubles (" ") are for the dialogues.

I am also using "{ }" if the system only answered inside his head, not for the panels appearing on his vision. Happy reading!

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