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Chapter 2: Rebooting (2)

"Doesn't that sound pretty fucking serious!? How did I incur such damage!?"

Raven was shocked to see the information that popped-up from the module, much less from the time limit sitting under it.

'Damn, there's a time limit too. I only have less than two days to solve this shit and I can't even move..'

He then sighed exasperatedly while looking at the sky.

"I mean.. this could also be me, hallucinating because of some crazy-exposure-shit from that relic right?"

He mumbled to himself while questioning his sanity. And as if his brain stopped functioning, he froze for at least three seconds.

"T-the relic.. where's the relic!? M-my record.. my 100% completion rateee!! Where's the relic!?"

He fumbled all throughout his body as he search for the said relic.

Until he manage to catch a glimpse of his right hand.

"Oh. My. God."

Staring at his right arm, he was shocked and confused. He turned towards his left... now speechless.

Raven didn't bother checking the injuries of his arms as he was used to it, he was more shocked at the color of his skin; of course not being racist. His skin was completely different from what he remembered it to be.

He then struggingly proceeded to stand up to take a look at himself from the river, trying to confirm what's what.

'Please don't let it be what I think it is.'

As he was standing up, he confirmed that something has really changed. From his point-of-view, he seems to feel that he is quite short as what he's used to.

Peeking at the side of the river, he then saw a completely unfamiliar face. A head full of silvery-white hair that reached his shoulders if estimated, bluish-green eyes and skin fair as snow.

"I don't wanna believe this, but it seems rebirth or some shit really is true huh."

He sighed thinking what would happen if he told all the crazy isekai fans at his former world.

'Is this.. me? This dude's face is creepy as hell, this body seems too skinny and frail for fighting too.' he thought.

"Well, better than having none right?"

He was both pretty frustrated and glad by his current appearance and body, mumbling all by himself.

"I mean, the face is quite handsome, and those eyes really adds up to the charm. I only gotta work on my body a little bit and I'll be a lady-killer again in no time."

'But that means I died, I didn't even finish One Piece goddamit.'

"But this could also be a dream though, like some hallucinogen injected to me putting me in a deep sleep. I think that's the most plausible explanation I can think of right now."

Raven comforted himself as the idea of dying even for an assassin like him is quite scary.

'There's a pretty high chance that this is a dream. I need to wake myself up.'

He pondered while observing his injured body and an idea popped inside his head.

He then removed some of the tattered clothing dangling from his arms and poked open his wounds with a twig he casually picked up from the ground.


Fifteen minutes of screaming, gritting and trying everything that can wake him up, he's now exhausted beyond belief and his injuries have gotten worse.

"Maaaaannn.. did I really came back from death? The pain feels so freaking real though. Is this really true.."

He mumbled weakly, feeling lost.

"I have no choice, it seems the introduction I saw earlier from that thing was the only intel I got right now."

Raven then closed his eyes as he tried to focus, trying to open up the second module labeled as the 'Introduction'.

'Hmmm, let's see.. intro.. intro open.. introduction-'



This module will only brief you about basic information you need to know before proceeding on your own.

In your world's vocabulary, you are currently within a galaxy situated approximately 1.4 billion light-years away from Milky Way.

Cross referencing the data gathered from Earth to this world, there's an abundance of energy present here capable of boosting one's life rating. Different types of races exist that have beyond or comparable ability to think, learn and adapt like humans. Languages from both planets doesn't share any shred of similarities aside from being spoken orally...]

A full 15-minute read of the panel full of information regarding his situation, the final message left by the system opened.

[This module's only goal was to provide some answers for the host, clearing up some of the confusion and provide basic knowledge about the world the host is currently living in. The system's database can only be accessed if you have the general control of the system; unlocking every function that you might need. So it was an apt thing to go complete the emergency module prompted by the system immediately.]

The message panel collapsed on it's own after prompting the last bit of information.

"So that's it.. the orb found on Egypt was like a super-advanced AI trying to gather data about our world since the day Earth was formed. That orb was also the one responsible for protecting my soul from being completely destroyed and the one who transferred it right through this boy's body."

Everything is getting clearer now that Raven finally read the entire introduction module from the system.

"Now all the blurs that are currently bothering me are somehow settled, I need to look at that emergency module again first."


[Soul is damaged. Needs immediate repair in order to function completely.

Find a living object and extract their soul.

Extracted soul/s: 0%

Time limit: 41:29:11

Reward/s: General control of the system.

Penalty/s: Death]

"Wow.. I don't even know how many souls do I need to fill this shit up, great."

He sighed thinking where can he get those souls.

"It seems I'm goin' to have a long night."

Raven mumbled, pretty annoyed at the fact that he has to collect large number of stuff with his injured and fatigued body.

'Wait.. any living being here has that thing called spirit insignia right? Does that make them beings with soul? Then, can I extract souls from plants?'

A brilliant idea then brewed in his mind as he began to perform his first step towards the extraction rites.

"System, how can I extract a soul from someone?"

{Input a command from your head and set it as the default command for that specific action.}

Now ready to perform his first extraction, he crouched as he pickup up a strange-looking flower in his left hand, Raven concentrated deeply as he tried.


Like tiny streams of water, Raven felt a tingling sensation from his left hand flow upwards through his fingers. Cool, refreshing feeling permeated his arm as he observed the flower withering quickly.

'Did it work?'

He tried to feel around his body but can't sense any noticeable change. He then decided to open the panel containing the quest information to appear.


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