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Chapter 3: Rebooting (3)

[Soul is damaged. Needs immediate repair in order to function completely.

Find a living object and extract their soul.

Energy: 0%

Time limit: 41:29:09

Reward/s: General control of the system.

Penalty/s: Death]

Raven was confused. The percetage was still at zero but he clearly felt something earlier flowing to him when he extracted the plant.

"Is the system broken? No.. that can't be, for someone who can design something like this, such mistakes wouldn't be possible, I might've missed something."

As a top-notch assassin himself, being meticulous in every way was a given. Precise preparations and on-point plans are what made him the "Reaper".

Concluding, a system of such scale can't be broken because of some petty mistake.

'Wait.. I've read from the introduction that a perfect soul was made of will, emotion and spirit. Plant does have a soul, but it seems..'

Enlightenment dawned upon him as he thought of what he read from the introduction earlier.

"System, do I need complete souls for the task?"

{Precisely. You have a sentient soul, so you need complete souls for the repair.}

"Oh.. right."

He now understood the situation.

"Then how many do I need to fill it up to 100%?"

{Due to a 'hidden reward' for being the host of the system, your soul's spirit capacity was enlarged, but to calculate the amount you need is not possible at the moment. Must unlock the general control over the system.}

Raven's eyes twitched after hearing the explanation of the system, as if rewarding him with something so troublesome was the best thing in the world.

"Then, where did the soul extracted from the flower went?"

Calming down his rising rage, Raven then asked the question that have been bugging him since earlier.

{It has been added to the time limit of the task. Operating the system requires energy, and the energy from a soul was the best option. As you require complete souls for the repair, incomplete souls will automatically go to the system until it can rely solely on your own soul for a full cycle of operation.}

"I see.."

He now understood everything that muddled him, so he decided to put on some work next for the said emergency task.

'Good. Now that a bunch of stuff were cleared, my priority should be tending these wounds so it can't affect me in any way later.'

Preparing to move, Raven checked his current stuff. He has something like a cloak, an old cotton shirt underneath it and crude pants made from some animal hide.

"I might as well go wash myself thoroughly to avoid infection."

Removing the clothes, he then washed his entire body in the river.

After washing himself, he washed his clothes next to get rid off the scent of blood that can possibly attract danger later. He also tore the only shirt he had in order to make some makeshift bandages for wrapping up the serious injuries from his chest and arms.

He also checked of course his lower body for serious injuries, but besides from small cuts on his feet, nothing was found.

Finished tending to his concerns, he then decided to take the next part of the plan.

'Although it's already dark, extracting souls was possible along the way while finding a nice resting place. That should alleviate some pressure right now so that I can operate at much efficient rate tomorrow.'

Raven knew that moving in his current state while achieving remarkable results was wishful thinking, so he decided to pump up his time limit and have an early rest.

"Okay.. let's fucking go then."




Multiple shadows can be vaguely seen darting through the woods.

A group of people wearing black, tight-wrapping outfits with different weapons in them, were chasing a pair of a man and woman ahead.

Multiple flashes of distinct abilities lighted up the dark forest, as they confronted each other while running.

"Princess.. I think.. I can't endure any longer.. a minute.. is probably my limit.. so you must not look back and.. run as fast as you can with.. t-the child.. Urrgghh!"

A seemingly-old but robust man wearing a slim and streamlined armor spoke with ragged breaths as he deflected an incoming wave of dense energy coming towards them. His face was pale and he was full of injuries, his left hand dangling on his shoulders.

They've been running for three consecutive days and were tired beyond belief. The piled up fatigue and injuries were now taking a toll to the old man.

The woman was just silent while running beside the man, but looking closely, tears were threatening to burst forth on her face as she listen beside the old man. She was holding something in her arms that was wrapped in thick clothes.

"I u-understand general."

The woman stutteringly spoke, preventing her tears from bursting forth for that very moment.

"I'm.. glad you understand Princess. Then.. let this old man.. protect you 'til.. the very last breath."

The man abruptly turned around and pounced towards the frontmost pursuer.


There's no suspense.

Turning around swiftly while brandishing his sword to the rapidly incoming pursuer resulted in a kill. The pursuer had no time to react due to the sudden turn of events.

"Unit 7, follow the Princess! We can't lose her now!"

One man shouted at the black clothed people, he looked to be their squad leader with gold embroideries in his black outfit.

Four streaks of shadow ran past old-man Vulcanus to follow the woman running behind him.

But then..


A spirit insignia so vivid, it almost looked real.

The blazing phantom of a huge bull with long, curved horns pointing forward emerged behind the old man.

Gleaming eyes that matched the old man's, black smoke comes out of it's nose while blue flames was scorching it's entire body.

"Now, now. It seems you're completely looking down on this old man, eh?"

The bull roared loudly to the sky at it stomped towards the ground with it's front legs.

The ground broke and boiling hot energy gathered towards its hooves.

"Unit 7! Be careful!"

The leader of the pursuers shouted.


Four pillars of flame came straight from the ground beneath the four people that ran past him, burning them into oblivion.

"Shall we start round sixteen then? Or is it seventeen? Hmm.. whatever. You'll all die anyway."

Old-man Vulcanus grinned malevolently, eyeing the people in front him like a predator seeing its prey.


Explosions rang from afar but the woman ran without looking back, afraid that she'll become hesitant into running if she see the figure fighting for her.

Tears were now running down her cheeks, as she bit her lips hardly that blood was leaking out of it.

The old man wasn't just a measly general for her, it might be right to say that he was a father-like figure for her than her true father, the King of Infernal Kingdom.

Yes, she was a princess of a kingdom, Princess Andarielle Len Suzueb Fuegonia.

The old man with her was one of the four, famed general in the Twilight Empire; General Vulcanus, the fiercest and greatest general of the Infernal Kingdom. Renowned for his fiery temperament and his undisputed swordsmanship. He may not be a genius wizard, but his swordsmanship, wits and fighting experience definitely made up his flaws regarding combat efficiency.

Countless wars he have won, battles and skirmishes he single-handedly claimed victor of. He was a legend in the heart of the people from the kingdom.

But that very figure, was sacrificing his very own life for her. A woman who didn't even have his blood.

'Princess, punching people just because your annoyed at them is wrong... although I would've done it too.'

'Princess! I heard you passed as a junior wizard! Congratulations!'

'Princess, like a sword, you must never bend to adversaries. You can only cut, stab and chop at the fog clouding your mind.'

'Princess, the flames of our kingdom will not burn out as long as there's one kindle of soul that believes.'

Memories of being with the old man, surfaced through her mind. From the time when she was just a brat, to being a refined lady fit to be called as a princess.

"We will not fall.."

She murmured to herself, a streak of determination flashed through her eyes as she looked at the distant, desolate horizon.

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