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Chapter 4: The First Mission (1)

It was early in the morning.

Thin fog surrounded the woods as it brought a cool, humid ambiance to the forest.

"Wow.. I really am in a different world eh?"

Raven muttered to himself, as he gaze up to the ever rising celestial body in the sky.

But unlike Earth's sunrise, there are two celestial bodies peeking at the atmosphere.

"So beautiful.."

He didn't notice it yesterday, because the 'sun' was setting, but now, he was amazed by it, feeling somewhat enchanted and lonely in this completely foreign world.


Waking up from his stupor, his stomach was currently growling and of course, being hungry will affect his plans for later so he decided to find something to fill up his stomach first.

'First things first, I need food. I feel like this body hadn't eaten for a week, my goodness.'

He jumped down from the thick branch of a tree he is currently lying in.

"Hmmm.. let's see. There are many fruits and fungi growing everywhere in this forest, I wonder if it's edible though."

He stood up and find one to pick up. Raven observed it for a few seconds then cuts it vertically.

"Looks like this one's good. I need to find more of these."

He searched the area for around thirty or more minutes and gathered up all different types of fungi and fruits that he hypothesized as 'safe' for eating purposes.

'Looking at them now, I'm really not confident on eating these things up, I need to cook them up or something.'

All kinds of bizarre looking fruits were present. For his mental peace, he decided to cook them up first with the shell that he picked up before; it was like, something from a coconut's shell but bigger and was colored white.

"Hmmm.. a soup would be nice for a breakfast.. and probably for lunch too."

Raven mumbled while munching on a blue, hairy fruit.

He stood up and traced back his way to the river where he can find ample amounts of water for his soup.


Walking for almost an hour or so, he finally heard the rushing of waters.

"System, do you have anything like a map or something that I can use for this place..!?"

He almost lost his way. Some of the markings that he left last night were either missing or in a strange spot.

Water is a fundamental source of life, so he made sure that he can get back to the river if ever he needs something from it.

But looking at it now, it seems what he's done was rather a futile effort.

He's now praying that the markings he left back to locate his temporary camp were still intact.

{Please complete the emergency task first so you can use the mini-map provided by the system.}

He almost popped a vein after hearing what the system said.

'That damn task again..!'

He swore to himself inwardly that he'll complete the task as fast as possible to make his life much more easier later.

"I wonder how long this stream goes. It must be connected to some sort of town or village when it's this big. I can gather then much more robust information rather than fumbling here all by myself."

Calming himself down, he took out the makeshift flask he had prepared (an intact coconut shell thingy) as he scoop out water from the river.


"Ahhh.. this water was.. holy shit..! How is this so good?!"

He continued gulping down large amounts of water to quench his thirst from walking around the place.

"Ahh.. my trip here at least wasn't in vain."

When suddenly..

A bundle of thick clothes in a piece of wood was floating along the stream.

He dumbfoundedly just watched it pass by him until it hit a large rock along its way.

"Waaahhhh! Waaahhhh!"

A loud crying sound came out of it.

Raven's instinct kicked in as if he has no injuries at all. He quickly jumped towards the river and swam to save that thing.

'Is this how people were born in this damn world?! What the hell is wrong with this river then!?'


Still panting for his breath, Raven climbed backed up, lied down and put the wrapped thing to the river bank.

"Hah.. hah.. for fuck's sake.. this world is trying.. to kill me for sure.."

The deep wounds on his body are opening up again due to his reckless behavior earlier.

Now that he thought about it, anger flared up within his eyes.

'Whoever the hell you are who made my body like this.. I'll fuckin' find you..'

He gritted his teeth as he tried to sit down, checking the thing if it was safe or what.

Pulling down the thick bundle of cotton, a head full of golden hair peeked out from within.

Ruby-like eyes, cute chubby cheeks, and the hands so small you can fit it inside your mouth.

"Really.. my first mission here.. was to babysit?"

Raven looked dull for a moment as he stared at the baby who was also looking at him.

A minute or two has passed since the two started their staring contest and eventually, Raven came out as the loser.

The baby cheered happily as if knowing that it won the match.

"This damned kid..! Fine! Hah.. really.. commissions involving kids were always such a pain."

He mumbled while massaging his forehead, remembering his past missions involving children.



When suddenly, both their stomachs rumbled harmoniously.

"This kid.."

He smiled wryly while looking at the child, thinking how did it even manage to survive from the raging river and why is the child there in the first place.

"This kid's plot armor is thick huh. Maybe some kind of television drama shit, parents abandoning the children, sending them somewhere safe while they duke it out because of some shitty reason."

What Raven said was somehow spot on though, funny he didn't have a prize for guessing it correctly; not that he knew it was right either.

"You know what.. I think my stay here won't be that boring at least."

He smiled as he looked at the baby, thinking that he at least won't be alone anymore.

"But first and foremost, let me get these fabrics as your parent's payments first."

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