Scum Hero's Scum Wish

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The martial wuxia hero, Lin Xiu, who got everything he wished for. Wuxia Hero title, Righteous sect, Mastership, a best friend, and now, a heroship too. What else does he yearn for more? Is it love? Women? or men? Or something else? Money? but he has everything... (excluding men/women) What he wants is why he calls him A Scum Hero. Only if he knew, right. :) >> Picture isn't mine. Cover image taken from Pinterest, 900+ wuxia, asian Chinese art. [fanart] >> Story is copyrighted to the author, Silver_Eve. >> Simple no-logic story adapted from the original OneShot, with the same name, for all ages; no explicit tone or aspects used.

Adventure / Humor
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Journey- 1

Master Lin Xiu, of XingXi sect, just defeated a pile of WuXing sect’s disciples.

He cultivated a thousand years, and became a wuxia hero in no time.

Lin Xiu, once in his youth, had killed 59 demonic cultivators with just a pair of tuning sword magic trick. A way of swinging your sword in tunes to phrase a divine slash on the enemy.

Awkwardly, when he first defeated the 59 demonic cultivators, one of those lasts words were spoken,

“Hey… hero… be wary for our demon king will crush you into bits, and bits! Urgh…” and he died after a few seconds after that.

The hero gruffed.

After 16 years, while the hero, Lin Xiu was cultivating, his Shizun came to him.

“Shizun?” he asked with a baffling tone.

His Shizun frowned, inhaled deeply, then exhaled with pressure.

He said, “You are a hero, you must defeat the Wuxing sect and you must gain victory! Hero must put discipline in the world order.”

The hero made an impassive expression on his dull, fair, pretty face.

“Oh,” he made an unconcerned sound and showed to didn’t really care much for the task given.

After 3 days, the hero decided to finally set off to his journey to end history with the demon king.

Neither did he know of his name, nor his age, nor his abilities, just that he is very attractive and powerful.

Right on the third day of his preparations, he stacked up his sword and learned most powerful magic in his head.

While he was walking on his path to defeat the demon king, he met a small village on his journey.

The villagers were pleading for help amongst the rageous cultivators.

The group of 8 demonic disciples were bullying the acquitted humans, Lin Xiu was exasperated.

The hero raised his sword and phrased his words. The wind around Cang Ya started to glow sprightly. The ice-blue magic particle trail around his sword, in an instant, enormously surged in the sky and an electric-like wave hit on the bully’s group.

They all got alerted.

The hero grinned and gave a wicked sentence, “You’re Wuxing sects’ damn disciples, right?”

They all started to look at each other.

“Yes, so what?”

The hero merged said another spell and magic roared up in the sky, a while hit them again.

They became fearful of Lin Xiu hero and bafflingly ran away…


The hero sighed of pressure and slowly went back to his pace.

While he was polishing his blade with a white napkin, the town’s leader came to him with rush.

“Young man, Young man! Listen to this old man!”

Lin Xiu alarmingly stepped back. He hitched and spoke, “Wh-what is it, elder?”

“You are a hero, you must defeat the Wuxing sect and you must gain victory! Hero must put discipline in the world order.”

Our hero, Lin Xiu, realized he had heard this phrase before also…

“Okay…” he anyways nodded to the elder and palm-saluted him.

Either way, he has to defeat the demon king. Leaving aside the human rescue and the ‘world order savior title’, he had to defeat the demon king, even if the entire world collapsed.


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