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Inception Z

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INCEPTION Z This idea came into my mind after watching the American tv series (The Walking Dead). I thought that it's high time that in India also there should be a TV series or a web series like that which will show the situation during a zombie apocalypse in India. So my idea for a web series or serial revolves around school students who get trapped in the school at the beginning of the apocalypse and then from there their journey begins for survival. It will be amazing to see how they get out of that school and where they go. It will be interesting to watch how they will survive there and most importantly how they will escape and especially where Aryan destiny took him. It will have three seasons and I feel it's time to go ahead of naagin type of shows or typical saas-bahu shows. Let's attract youth and kids and show them something thrilling which they have never experienced before. I have taken my character names if you want you can change them. Basically in the beginning the main characters for the web series are Aryan, Karan, Rahul etc. Aryan is a special character because his father has a connection with that outbreak so it will be amazing to witness his journey

Adventure / Thriller
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The story begins like this. Aryan was in his room trying to finish the last episode of The WALKING DEAD GAME. HE has been trying to complete it for the last five days, but he couldn't. He has not gone to school since last week just because of this game.

In the game, he was at the final stage, and he was just going to win the last level but unfortunately, his mother entered his room. He got interrupted and then GAME OVER
Aryan sighed and then asked; yeah! Mom.
Her mom said; go to sleep. It's already 11:30 pm.
Tomorrow is your school. Go and sleep.
Aryan replied"yeah! Mom sure.
Her mom went away.
Here, Aryan leaned back on the chair, and kept his feet on the table and looked towards one computer screen which was showing
you couldn't SURVIVE The ZOMBIE Apocalypse!!
He signed and whispered; ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.
After that, he went to his bed.
At night, he used to be a pool of Thoughts. He was remembering his past. He was having flashbacks of the last moment that his dad was saying something to him by holding his hand. Then, suddenly he woke up.
He was wet with sweat.

It was about 6:00 am. He got out of his bed. While brushing, he was holding his locket and staring at it.
At breakfast. He found his mom was packing.
He asked; Mom, are you going somewhere?

She replied, " NO, don't. These are just.
Aryan said; alright. I am going to school. Bye.
He went away from there.
After that, while walking He was watching a YouTube video in which some policemen are firing on a man who was surrounded by fire but still walking. Strange!
A friend who was beside him, named, "AMRIT
He said, " What man! You think these things exist. They are just fake."

Aryan replied;" Maybe, but we don't know
what mother nature hide from us"
Another friend over there, named "Ansh" asked ``So you believe these things exist?"
Anyan replied," Maybe or maybe not I said Nah WORLD is just unpredictable. Anything is possible.
Amrit said, " That means your relation with
Suhana, it is also possible."
Both of them started laughing at him.
Aryan just kept quiet and shy.
After that at school.
Aryan was seeing Suhana who was standing outside her class. Suddenly, a boy came from behind and hit his head. He was Aman who used to bully him. He and his friend always used to make fun of him, but he always used to just ignore them. This time also he ignored them and went inside his class.
4 hr later...
Dismissal BELL Ranged…
It was the dismissal bell of the juniors.
Aryan could see juniors running outside. The class and their dads are waiting to pick up their children
He saw a dad hugging his children.
He sighed.
After that,
2 hr later.
Aryan was on his way to his home. He was listening to music. At a crossing, he saw Ambulances and police cars going somewhere in a hurry. After that, he saw a helicopter also going in that direction.
He whispered; this is awkward.
But he ignored it and went away from there.
At home
When Aryan reached home he heard her talking to someone. He immediately went there and asked; mom, it's dad Nah? You are talking to him Nah.
Her mom immediately cut the phone by saying I will take it to you later, Aryan has reached home.
Aryan was frustrated, he asked; why did you cut it? I wanted to talk to him. Where is he?? Huh, mom. Where's dad? Why doesn't anyone want to talk to me?...
Her mother interrupted, she said; Aryan listened. I calm down, listen!
Aryan replied; what listen? Mom. It has been 8 yrs since dad left. I don't know where he is. I don't know why he doesn't want to talk to me. You always used to say that to me. He will come, he will come.
He was very much frustrated.
Her mother said; Aryan should calm down. It's not as you think.
Aryan interrupted, he said; how mom? You are also the same. You also never told me about where he is and what he is doing. I am his son. It is his responsibility to be his son like other dads. But he didn't. He doesn't even have time to talk to me.
Her mother said; no Aryan. It's not like that. He loves you. He loves you very much
Aryan sighed and replied; if he did then he should be here. With me.
After saying that, he went to his room and looked himself up.

Here, her mother sat down and took a long breath. She was in tension.

At night
In Aryan's room
He was awake. He was holding that locket and thinking something. Suddenly he got flashbacks of the past when his dad handed over that locket to him.
He was in a pool of thoughts.

Here, on his phone, he has got an email on which it was written STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARED!.

Next morning…
Aryan woke up. He didn't see the phone just went outside. Got fresh up. Picked his bag and just went outside. He didn't even talk to his mom.

On the way to school.
Until now, he hasn't checked that email. He was thinking about the last day. He was feeling guilty that he shouldn't have shouted at her.

At that turning this time he finds police cars, ambulances, a fire brigade and a military truck heading inside the main city.
After that, in a few seconds, two helicopters also headed there.
Aryan said; this is weird.
He looked around and saw some people in a hurry as they wanted to leave somewhere.
But he ignored it and went to school.
Today it wasn't a normal school.
The students who were part of the cultural program had only come. Around 50 students.
Among them, Aman, Suhana, Amrit and Ansh were also present with few teachers.
After that,
When they were discussing the quadrangle Aryan sight struck Outside. He went slowly Outside. He saw that a helicopter was going to crash down and in just a few seconds it crashed down. A huge blast happened.
Hearing that everyone came outside.
Huge flames were rising.
Aryan saw something weird. He saw that between the smog someone attacked the guard on the gate And tried to bite him.
Aryan was shocked…

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