Fun Jail: No Escape

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I found myself in a jail. I looked around and saw many others out of their cell. They were having fun and playing games. Is this even a jail?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Part 0: Backstory

This book was made after I had a dream. This dream was so detailed and it had a good story, so I had to put this in a book. The dream started with a weird version of Beneath the Blue. If you haven’t read it yet, you won’t understand it. Kristina was there, and speaking of “there,” I think we were in a treehouse. A cute owl flew into the treehouse and fell. I went down to help the little owl, but he fell into a hole. This hole led into a mine below the treehouse. I don’t know if it was a gold mine or a diamond mine, but I knew it was a mine. I went into the hole, and the owl was gone. I forgot about the owl as if it never existed. Remember, this is a dream and impossible things can happen. Anyway, some guards found me in the mine. They took me to a jail. This is where my story begins (and my dream continues.) I’ll fill in the parts that I forgot. I apologize for the shortness of this part, but who doesn’t want to know why a book was made?
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