Chapter 1 \ Surprise!

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Caroline move to Arizona not to long ago, She always loved the a lot....a lot! But there was one thing she wasn’t looking forward She had to go to school no matter if she lived back in Tennessee, or in Arizona it never changed. But when her mom gave her a surprise...She knew exactly where she wanted to go.

Adventure / Children
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Chapter 1

Every since Caroline and her family moved to Tennessee, there’s one thing that caught her eye: The mountains. They were beautiful, Tall and pleasant to look at. Her parents had signed her up to a new school. She really didn’t want that, She begged and begged her parents to just make her homeschool. But they wouldn’t let her because they said that they had there own jobs and they wouldn’t be able to look after her, and that She cannot be home alone. She felt like she was going to cry, but she didn’t want to be a crybaby. So she tried holding her tears in, And the soon her mom came into her room, Caroline wiped her tears so that her mother could not see them. “Before school starts next week, me and your dad are planning on having a little vacation, But we still can’t figure out where” Mom says, With a smile. “Where do you want to go?” Mom asks me, Caroline couldn’t believe this she was going on a vacation! “Uhm well...” Caroline thought, “How about Florida?”. “Thats a little ways sure?” Mom asks, Tilting her head slightly. “Yes, I’m sure.” Caroline answers, surely.
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