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Arianna never thought in a million years that she would end up back in her old town. The haunting memories that threaten to take over. But this time she isn't alone....she has a son. The father...not in the picture but the truth of him in this very town. People and places push her to think of either telling her son or keeping the past buried....

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

I looked up at the round clock the only sound in the empty office was me clicking away at the computer and the sound of ticks on the clock. I looked back down not realizing the time until my brain caught up to me and I snapped my head back up. Fuck! I was late to pick up my son from daycare. I shut off the computer before jumping up almost falling backwards. I grabbed my purse and jacket rechecking that I had everything before heading to the elevator.
I sent the teacher a quick text to let her know that work had run late. It was about 6:46 and I was suppose to be there by 6. I pressed the "garage" floor button before staring at my reflection. I hope Peyton isn't to mad at me. I promised that I wouldn't be late and for a 4 year-old he knows how to hold a grudge. The last time I was late he locked himself in the room and cried. I felt horrible and used to spare key to get in. The elevator doors slid open and the warm air hit me. I found my car unlocking it quickly throwing my belongings into the passenger seat. I let my car warm up a but before I put it in gear and headed over there.
I came up on a red light and swore under my breath. I hate red lights. I had music playing but my mind couldn't sit still. I watched the lady with the bright pink top and white jeans walk across. She had a tiny dog with her who was actually pretty cute. The light turned green and I went trying to figure out what to tell him so he would be less upset. Maybe I could tell him that there was a bad guy? Or that there was a meeting? Or traffic?
I sighed in frustration. My son was gonna be pissed but I had to be the adult here. I finally pulled into the parking lot and it had read 7:14. I got out and ran through the front door. His teacher looked up and was relieved. I walked into the classroom. He sat int he corner looking out the window. His teacher handed me a picture he had drawn. It had him and I drawn in colorful colors. "He didn't wanna hang his picture," she says softly. I looked up from the picture to my son. I looked around to find the other pictures. Pictures of full families.
I looked back down and realized that my son felt like the outsider because he didn't have a dad who cared or wanted him. "I..will talk to him when we get home thanks for being here so late," I told her before walking over to Peyton. He didn't wanna look at me. I gulped. He was pissed and hurt.
"Hey Peyton let's go home," I said quietly. He got up without saying a word or looking at me before grabbing his back angrily. He forced his shoes on and walked out the door and stood by the car. His teacher gave me a look of sadness but I didn't need her pity. I smiled at her giving her a nod before walking outside. I unlocked the car and he got in. I looked at him through the rear view window. He stared out of his with his arms crossed.
"Peyton I am so sorry," I began, " I lost track of time."
He huffed from his seat. I needed to think...
"Love why didn't you want your picture up on the wall?" I knew the answer but maybe he would tell me and at least talk a little. He stayed silent. I sighed and decided to let things cool over. The my phone rang. It was an unknown number from...Texas. I pulled over to the side and answered. "Hello who is this?" My voice didn't sound as strong as I would of liked it to be. I didn't hear anything for a second.
"Hello Miss Arianna Rose Anderson," the man started, "This is Sargent Tod with the SAPD. Your supervisor Mr.Lake has told us a lot about you and we wanted to offer you a top position." I paused. My supervisor...talked good about me to a sargent in San Antonio. The one place I was running from. I was speechless. But what if that meant a better life for Peyton. I nodded. And with that I talked with Sargent Tod.
Once I hung up the phone I started driving once more and Peyton had fallen asleep. Things were gonna change...and he was gonna find out the truth one day...whether is was me telling him or...the world.
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