Crystal and shune

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A story is about crystal a girl hoe lost her parents as a baby and is found by pack of wolves and the wolves adopt the little girl and they rise her 12 years later now she is 13 and then things go upside down when a boy and his friends come to the jungle the boys name is shune 15, and his friends Mateo 17, Trinity 16, Aaron 12 , Jason 15, bianck 14,Mikhail 12, Caleb 11,Tina 10, Stefanie 11, and Megan 10 they go and explore the jungle and they this cover crystal and her pack they become friends and shune fulls for crystal and her white blue eyes she also falls for him but she faces a huge and horrible choice because samael and his friends try to destroy crystal to get his friend shune back but shune gets a chance to make the choice to go back with samael and leave his friends be hind but he makes the right choice to stay with his friends and crystal and after she turns 14 she change her name to christina and she and shune life a long live with shune

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1: crystena go's to live with ant ivy

It was woorm summer morning as the new couple welcome there baby girl into the world she had blue and white eyes and brown hair and it made her mother cry to give her away to protect for her grandfa-ther hoe wanted to take his grandchild hoe he thought it was a baby boy as he always wanted a boy but instead of a boy a girl.

What will my father do to us we will send her away from here to live with my sister and her husband it will be the
safest option but what if she does not want crystena at all she will she hates him an much after he killed her baby girl she has two boys and is married to a rich man and lives in a mansion that was built in the 1623 century.

Then they said there good byes I will always love you crystena my sweet baby girl always now that I'll love you no matter what ant ivy will take good care of you and I'll come and visit you as soon as I can so for now good bye.

When crystena got there her ant was so glad to be the first to see her niece that she sang of joy her uncle was as glad as his wife to have girl in the house it was so cold that night and it was the boys hoe went to see if there new baby sister was okay she laughed of joy and happiness to see her new brother's she feel asleep a minute later and the next morning.

She was laying in her crib and whating for someone to get her out of the crib two minutes later her new mother came to get her up and her dressed in warm clothes

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