Family camping trip The Journey begins

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My story is about a family going on a camping trip And mostly it is about having fun

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 2

“Belle” mum called form down stairs “yes” belle answered “tea time” mum replied sounding exited.We all sat down as auntie Ava said “guys guess what tomorrow we are going camping” waving her arms every were “YAY” Jye said happily “YAY”holy said jumping from here seat and dancing “YAY I CANNOT WAIT”belle said shouting with happiness “what did Ava say Harry”said grammar Emily “I think she said school trip for the kids”said grandad Harry not knowing what she said “no auntie Ava said camping trip”holy explained to grammar “school trip”grammar says unsure “NO CAMPING TRIP”Jye shouting “oh camping trip”grammar said laughing.Everyone finished there dinner the went to get ready for bed well at least the kids did “is everyone ready for bed”mum said while tucking belle and holly in.
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