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Protectors of the Royal family, that serves in the shadows, never to be seen or heard again. That is the life of a young women by the name Arachne, an assassin to protect the crown. When a unfortunate accident, force the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Amberstrong to seek Arachne's service to protect the Crown Prince. These Stranger will come to love each other and their bond will be unconditional.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

The night is calm and sweet as the sound of music of a ball is been heard in this freshly night. Partners are dancing in the ball room, officials are discussing about politics and what is good in the Kingdom. There are other people in the ball with other interest, such as women searching for a good husband, men to reach the noble tittle, business been made, but other intentions are been made, like murdering a royal.

Among the crow there is a man with the intention to kill the King or his offspring, so the man moves the people that are sorounding the King, as he get's closer the calm movements had become rush, he started to push the people out of his way, as he gets closer, he takes his knife out. Reaching the King a knight got in his way and he stab him, the guard die in the spot. A women scream for the dead guard and all the people open the way to see he main suspect and the body. The King is in shock to see such intentions, but the man didn't stop there, he again rush toward the King and slice his arm and face, the guards put a stop to the man as he struggles on the floor.

"I'll kill you King Anderson of Amberstrong! My master deserves the Crown! With your death and the death of your descendants, the Kingdom of Amberstrong will Fall!!" said the assassin as the guards take him away

Everyone is speechless and started to mumbled about the event that happen this night. The King stood strong and with his head high.

"Calm down this is just a misunderstanding, please make yourselves at home and enjoy the rest of the evening, I will return to my quarters" said the King

As he walk back to the main hall, his son walks toward him, anger evident on his face.

"Father are you alright?" ask the Prince

"Yes, just some scratches, that is all" said the King

The Prince sees him and made a sour grim on his face, the King sees his reaction and chuckles a bit "My boy, my fighting days are over, but I am still in top shape to fight" said the King with humor on his tone

They both left to the Amberstrong Castle.

The next day, the counsel decide to discuss the safety of the King and the Crown Prince and the young Princess. They discusses and argue about their safety and letting an assassin to scar the King.

"Order in the room!" shouted the Prime Minister Xander of Woodkinston

The room grew silent as the diplomats and noble returned to their seats.

"Now then, I am well aware that the attack last night was unexpected, for starters the assassin sneak inside the ball, his target was the King or a member of the Royal family, our guards are train to protect the King, but they are a bit lazy to do the job since the war ended 5 years ago. The fact that the enemy attempt to kill our king raise a red flag in our head" said the Prime Minister

"What are you planning to do Lord Woodkingston?" said one of the nobles

"My plan is to place all well train guards to the King and assining a new guard to the the Crown Prince and Princess" answer Xander

The crow mumble different opiniond, then another noble spoke "I agree, but this new Guards of his Highness must be well train and very skill if they want to protect the Crown" said the Noble "Tell me Prime Minister, who do you have in mind?" ask the Noble

"I know a few well train guards for the Prince and Princess, leave that under my care" said Xander as he finish the tittle of the day

After the discussion of the safety of the Royal family, they discuss other thing in the agenda, later that day the nobles left the consult room leaving the Prime Minister alone, well that is what he thought.

"I know you are there old friend" said Xander as he looks in the shadows

The man emerge from the shadows, his get up, a black cloth and black lose shirt with a dark brown vest and a long skirt with the side open revealing black pants and boots, the man was dress nicely and with weapons extremely sharp knifes and a sword on his side.

"I am guessing that these new guards that you want to recruite are some of my mens" said the clothed man

Xander lean back to his chain and watch his old friend walk near him.

"Indeed, your people are the sharpest in skills and fight, unlike this royal guards, the Prince and Princess safety are 100% guaranty. Any segestions, Sid of the Blind?" said Xander

Sid remove his hood, showing his face; he has the face of mid 50's, his eyes are a color grey (by his blindness), he has a grey color hair and beard, his skin is tang with some scars on it.

"Meet me at the canyon of the abyys, Old Friend" said Sid as he leave among the shadows.

Xander left the room, with satisfaction on his face, he returns to the office to see the Prince waiting for him.

"Your highness I didn't know you were coming to meet me?" said Xander

"I was just waiting to as why remove the best guard away from my sister, Uncle?" ask the Prince with anger in his face

"I discuss this with the nobles and consult, they agree to leave the best guard under your father and place new one on both of you. Ones chosen by my hand" said Xander

The Prince left the office stomping and closing the door hard, Xander took a breather after he left. Knowing that the Prince could be more stubborn than his father, when he was young.

The Prince is walking to the Courtyard, where he sees his sister with her Royal maiden, they are looking the flowers and giggling.

"What are you doing, Angela?" ask The Prince

"Liam!" said the Angela a bit surprise, then she giggles "Mia and I are looking for a specific flower to place in out tea" said Angela with a smile on her face

"My Lady wanted to surprise her Majesty in creating a good tea for the stress" said Mia

Liam left them alone after he told his sister the news of a new guard is appointed to her, after that she continue to search for the flower and Mia sigh of her childish behaior.

In the Canyon of the abyy's, at sunset, Xander arrived where the meeting place is, he looks around and sees nobody, that is when Sid appears in front of him. Xander got a scare and Sid laugh by it.

"Not funny Sid" said Xander

"My apologies Xander, but is fun when you expect the unexpected" said Sid

Both of them walk near the cliff of the Canyon, as Sid explain to him the rules and conditions of his assassins. Not to kill the innocent, not to disobey the creed and never to show itself in the light, they must maintain in hiding at all time, that include their identity. After they finish up discussing their jobs at the castle, Sid call out to his chosen assassins.

There are two shadow figures at the top of another clift, one of them jump toward them and spread a paraglider landing in front of them.

"This is Jacobo of the sky, he is very skill in poisoning and gunpowder bombs, his fighting skills is close as well as far combat, he also posses the ability to locate the enemy in long distance. He can pose as a Royal Knight for the Princess" explain Sid and gave Jacobo the signal to remove his hood, revealing a white man with his eyes color blue and black hair.

Then the next shadow figure jump with grace, it falls down the high like a diving hack, then it throws a tie dagger with chains, stopping her fall and swing it over toward them, making a flip and landing in front of them.

"And this is Arachne of Silence, she is my pride and joy, well train in martial arts, ninjutsu and archery, her greatest ability in close combat is those chain daggers around her wrist, they allow her to swing in the sky without trouble, he greatest ability is her sight of prediction, she can pose as a royal Princess for an arrange marrage" said Sid

"Wait she?" ask Xander at the time that Sid gave the order to remove her hood and mask revealing a young woman in her early 20's, white skin, hazel color eyes and light brown hair color.

Both chosen ones pass by Sid and Xander, they whistle calling their horses to mount.

"You mention ability to see, is something wrong with the eyes?" ask Xander

"Is an ancient ability pass down to generation, they are born with abilities that allows them to survive, such as Locate the enemy in far places, to the extend of predicting the enemies movements, King Andreson, Prince Liam and Princess Angela are in safe hands" said Sid

Both men shake hands "Thank you my friend" said Xander as he let go of the hand and left with Jacobo and Arachne.

Two weeks later, Xande arrive with Jacobo as he is trying to streach in the Royal armor, as they walk toward the garden where the Princess is mostly there. Xander found the Princess and reach her with Jacobo on his trail.

"My Lady you are enchanted as always" said Xander

"Uncle Xander, is good to see you" said Angela as she hugs her Uncle

"Is good to see you too Angi" said Xander "Allow me to present your appointed knight, this is Jack of the Novelia" said Xander as he presented Jacobo

Jacobo bow at the Princess and Royal Maiden "My Ladies, is a pleasure to serve you" said Jacobo

Angela is looking at him from top to bottom, she circle around him and stood in front of him "Say Jack, what kind of pastry you like?" ask Angela

"Cookies" mumble Jacobo

Angela smile and cheer for her new guard, as Jacobo cringes for the afection, on he other hand Mia is quite starstruck, she never saw a handsome man in her life and this guy as far as her eyes can tell, he is 1000% hot.

Xander left the area, as he is walking he notice Liam looking at his sister's direction, making sure that her new guard is not making any assumptions, then he turn to see Xander, then he left.

Xander walk toward the King's office, as he open the door, a dagger is throw at him.

"It's me! Xander!" shouted and duck Xander

"Calm down Kevin, you nearly kill my little Brother" said Andreson

"Sorry Prime Minister, Apologies My King" said the guard

Andreson sigh for the soldier's behavior is a little overprotective, Xander walks to the front of his desk as Andreson, continues to sign pappers.

"Tell me Little Brother what brings you to the office of drowning pappers?" ask Andreson

"I need your help to hide a guard that is going to protect your son" said Xander

"Oh, may I ask why?" ask Andreson

"Is a she, the guard is a women" sigh Xander

"Now I get it the policy of no women as fighters in the castle, so what can I do?" ask Andreson

"I need you to make a statement only to the personal of the Castle, this women/guard is going to be the Crown Prince Fiancee, until this feudal civil war is over, she will remain as the Crown Prince Fiancee" explain Xander

Andreson though for a moment, this gard could show his son some manner and show affection to him, maybe that could be a good idea "What you are saying that is a fake arrange marrage?" ask Andreson

"Yes" said Xander

"Let's do it" agree Anderson with a grin on his face

Xander returns to his mansion, he is looking for Arachne, until he hear a thud, he looks at the window to see her with her archery equipment and practicing her target shoots. He walks out to see her practice, until she made a bulls eye shoot.

"Nice shooting" said Xander

"Thank you Lord Xander" said Arachne

Xander ask her some questions of the Royal family and ethics since she is posing for a Crown Prince Bride. All the answers that Arachne has spoken were all correct. Xander call it a night as he retires to the Mansion.

The next morning, Xander is in his carriage with Arachne, they are arriving in the Castle as they are speaking about the protection details for the Prince, she made sure that everything she knows in the Castle is perfectly seure, and she is thinking of taking the opportunity to study the palace infrastructure. Once they arrive the carriage stops at the main entrance of the Castle, where the King is waiting for his brother and the so call Princess arrives. Opening the Carriage door, Xander came out as well as a beautiful young women, they greet each other and they walk toward the Royal office.

"I am guessing that you are my son's guard?' ask Andreson

"Yes" said Arachne

"Well then, there is no much to discuss since Xander already update me with the detail, including in not knowing your real name is one thing he didn't spoke of, so what shall we call you then?" said Andreson

"Evangeline of the Peninsula, Princess of the Kingdom of Weebinton" said Arachne

"That sound better than expected" said Andreson

In that moment Liam decide to enter the office along with his appointed knight to discuss the terms of a new project the Prince is going to make, until he sees Arachne, her beauty was so captivated that he couldn{t take his eyes of her, but remain a stoick expression.

"Ah Liam just the man I wanted to see" said Xander

Liam came deeper in the room, never taking his eyes of the beauty standing there. Then he gaze at his father, he notice a smirk forming on his face, already knowing what is going on.

"Father, I was going to discuss an issue with you about the new department of intelligence" said Liam

"We can discuss that in another time, I would like you to meet Princess Evangeline of the Peninsula" said the King

Liam bow at Arachne, as Arachne bows at Liam.

"My Lady, I am Prince Liam of Amberstrong" said Liam

"Is a pleasure your Highness" said Arachne

The king cough, brining Liam's attention.

"Well now that you meet, I think is time to celebrate" said the King

"Celebrate?" ask Liam

"Yes, you see here Princess Evangeline is your arrange marriage" said the King

Liam stood there anger evident on his face. After all this time of the talk of no rush to get marry, now he knows why, they already chosen a bride for him.

Arachne is not affected by his anger, he sees this and left the room.

"Liam!" Spoke Anderson

Liam stomp his way out and abruptly close the door. Andreson apologize to Arachne about his son's behavior and they all left to escorted her to her room. Once in the room, Arachne check every knock and cranny, making sure that theres not an intruder or hidden passage to spy on her. After she check the room, Arachne took the liberty to explore the Castle. On her way to the garden she stumble accross Angeline, Mia and Jacobo. Angeline sees Arachne, rushing toward her she greeted her and introduncing each other, after that she took her arm and left to the garden.

"So what brings you her to the Castle Eva?" said Angeline

"Eva?" ask Arachne

"Yeah, short for Eangeline" said Angeline "Anyway, I might be 12 years, but I am smarter than you look" she pointed at Arachne "You are here for political purpose" then she sat down "Sadly women aren't allow to be in the diplomats,politics, and even fighting" said Angeline

"Actually, I am here to marry your brother" said Arachne

Angeline and Mia's eyes widen and in unio they spoke "Marriage?!"

Arachne nods, they keep asking questions at her purpose of marriage, and she answer then with her well little information that she has on hand. After a wield, the onversation turn for simple things, as Arachne listen to the small Princess's talkative moments and fun things.

Tha night, Arachne is wearing her assassins suit, that is black with tight pants, high boots, the lose shirt with the tight corset, her fingerlesss gloves and the equitment of the hidden chained daggers in her wrist, with her bow and arrows, she is looking at the balcony, with her face half cover. Looking around she notice a group of people jumping from roof top to roof top, so she place her hood and jump from the balcony, she use her hidden dagger to trow it to a brick wall and swing toward the enemies.

Landing in front of them, they stop at their track, watching this stranger in front of them, they took some knifes out of their side, other they took out swords and even bow and arrows. Arachne swing her wrist to take out her daggers out. They stood, staring at each other waiting the first move, so Arachne started to run, as the archers started to shoot arrows. Arachne dodge them without a problem, once reaching to the first enemy, they started to fight, counter attacking and defence on the enemies attacks.

On the other side of the fight, Liam comes out of the balcony of his room, with the sound of metal hitting metal, he believe at first that it was the blacksmith working, but he sees a black stanger fighting other strangers, so he grabs his sword and headed to the site.

Arachne manage to finish the fight in no time, since they were poorly train, tying them up she heard other footsteps and a arrow that was on her way, without looking back she dodge the arrow, she slidely turn around to see a soldier archer and Liam behind her.

"Who are you?" said Liam

Arachne didn't answer, she stood there looking at him

"I ask you a question stranger!" said Liam

Arachne is watching carefully as he gets near her, so she did what anyone would have done so he or she would not be disc over, she ran in the oposite direction. Liam started to run after her, but he notice that the stranger is running to the end of the roof, so he slow down a bit. What he didn't expect is for Arachne to jump like in a diving possition and spreading her arms out, she dive down and disapears into the dark depths of the fall. Liam reach to the end and expect to see the body of the stranger on the floor, with surprise he didn't see anything, is like the stranger is a ghost.

Arachne return to her room and remove her assassins clothing and drees in her Princess nigh gown, she walks back to the balcony to see Liam leaving the roof with the suspects been directed toward the entrance and hopefully to the prision cells at the basement of the Castle. She return inside, locking the balcony door and head to the bed, once tug inside, she let sleep take over her.
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