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The Biography of a Boy

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No one expected that it was going to happen to them. Not even him nor his dad. We needn't talk about his mum now, for a reason which you are going to see as you go through this unique but pathetic story. He was peculiar, just as you are going to see. But he became an ideal child through time. How did he prove that? How can we be sure of that? How he was able to do that, that you are going to see. beside, we may think that we know it all until the omen proves the otherwise. Did you know? "He never knew he needs it until he saw someone manipulating him with it." Such thing can happen to anyone of us. It has happened before now. And it may happen again to anyone. It shouldn't be you. What if there are some things which you are supposed to know, practice or teach someone else in order for you to fill your empty void? what if education or school cannot provide such things? There may be more to it. But the little which we are able to get out of life that we have to live by. You can reach out to fill it up. Read. Discover. Practice and recommend.

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chapter One


He was like every other child! That is, he was born and he grew innocently like every other child.

How he grew is what is very important to us, so that we too can make the best out of our circumstances.

As you may know already, we all wants to be great and to be successful in life. We want other people to see us. And to respect us. Everybody wants that.

One easy way for every child to achieve that, is by reading this story and practicing what he or she learnt. Now that you are with a copy of this book, it proves that you too will get there soon.

Your problems could be that your parents are complaining too much about you. Your friends are making jest of you or you are being bullied. Probably, it could be that you are not getting good grades at school. Whatever it is, you are going to get the right solution soon and in a very simple way; through this story.

But know it, that you need to meditate in order to achieve all these things. That is, you need to think about what you are reading, see the good in it and think of ways in which you too can use them in your daily life. As you do, you will solve some of your problems by yourself within a short time. In an easy way.

To get started. First, we must believe that this person we are going to read about, was very ordinary like me and you when he was given birth to; unless you personally have some mysteries of your own.

Here are some proofs to convince you that he was ordinary at first:

When he was very young, he used to sit outside his home in the evenings. And look at the sky, thinking that the clouds look like human faces.

He also thought that, the sky is made up of some strong metal sheets.

Did you think that way sometimes? I did that myself.

He thought that the moon, the sun and all the stars are floating on the atmosphere.

And when the clouds move at night, he thought that it was the moon moving, not knowing that it was the clouds moving beneath the moon.

He also thought that the moon and the sun were very small, like soft balls.

There are more.

And this one is one mistake that almost everybody makes - even some adults. He thought that the solar system is like a storey building.

Did you understand what that means?

Look at it:

He thought that there are some people living above us in the sky, and that there are other ones living under the earth. And still, others living under these ones. And other ones are living under them too.

He thought life was step by step like a storey building.

When it is raining, he will be thinking that it is the piss of the other people living above us that is falling down as rain. That our piss can fall as rain to the people living under us. And that the piss of these ones too can fall as rain to the people living under them as well.

Did you know? Even some adults think so till now. But that is not correct.

I will tell you one more thing that he thought wrongly.

He thought that God is sitting on the sky with a bowl of rain in front of him. So primitive!

You see? He was just like every other child. But he changed.

He did more than that. He did things, to the extent that I got to write about him, so that we can master his tricks and do great things too.

You may want to know him better. Am going to tell you about him. There are some things that you and him may have in common, before he changed.

His mum usually shouts at him before then. He received all the naggings too.

“Kelly, why didn’t you clean that water on the floor?”

“Kelly, you did not wash the dish?”

“Kelly! Kelly, what are you doing there?” He heard them all. He heard more than you can imagine. But he conquered them all, and overcomes them through his secret.

He overcomes all those things that our parents and grown-ups do that we don’t like.

How? The answer is here in your hand; in this book.

Now, let’s get to know about the kind of person he was.

His name was Nelson. His parents nicknamed him Kelly.

He was tall, slim, fair and handsome.

His favorite food was noodles. His favorite game was Cheese. And his favorite movies were Animal films. Both aquatic and terrestrial animals.

He did not like talking a lot with people. He was quiet and shy. And he hides like Mahatma Gandhi.

As soon as school closes, he will run home. He was like that.

He always has hair on his head. The type we call Afro. Do you know why?

The reason is because, if they cut his hair to the ground, he will become sick. His parents noticed it and let him be.

That is the kind of person that he was.

Have you tried to know the kind of person that you are?

Do you know the kind of people that your friends or family members are?

Know yourself. And try to understand others.

Like Nelson, there is more to him which you too may have or may not have in common.

For example:

He usually smiles before speaking. And he didn’t talk much. He listens the most. He did not have a pet. But that did not bother him. He was so quiet that he can sit on his own for hours thinking.

One never can tell what he is always thinking about. And he didn’t talk about them; maybe because he was never asked.

Am sure you are getting to know him better now.

He was strange anyway. But he made it in his lifetime. If people say that you are strange, know it that strange people and normal people all have equal rights from God, and they all can make it in life.

What is your favorite Animal?

His favorite animals were wall geckos.

He like looking at them as they prowl around; hunting flies, moths and roaches at night. Sometimes, Nelson use to talk to them, and to himself. He used to remember old funny things and began to laugh at them, even when nothing new has happened.

Am like that too.

You may know someone who behaves like that.

People were curious of the kind of child he was. However, He was not brave. He was a coward. He always run from fights. Many pupils challenged him to fight at school but he ran away. He like running away from fights.

Well, there are many things he likes that you may not like. But let’s not talk about them all. Let’s talk about why you are reading this book.

Despite all his strange behavior, he was smart. He was intelligent. He knew more than what his teachers taught him. He seems to know a lot of things before he attended any school. His personality was among the top things that helped him.

It is not good to run away from others and stay alone, anyway. But that was his greatest secret. He did that and through it he made a discovery that solved almost all his problems.

You can do it too. You may do more than that. Do you know why I said so? And do you know how? Read on to the next chapter

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