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Zay Night, Next Gen Saviors

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team of 9 young heroes led by Zaiden also known as Zay night risk putting their lives on the line as they try to prevent the destruction of their home=world and Ancestor worlds at the hands of Mezinile.

Adventure / Action
J.S. Golden
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Chapter 1

Hollow Park used to be a prosperous city with its excellent care from hospitals, tourist-sites like the abandoned village of the Fairless, land of knowledge from their top tier schools, and low crime rate because of their heroes. Captain Shift, Copper Wire, Gyro, Mister Blaze, Caped Menace, and Miss Shard were a band of heroes called The Undefeated, who dedicated their lives to Hollow Park.

Their dedication one day got the best of them. The crime wave of 2000 renamed Bloody Tears changed the daily lifestyle of Hollow Park’s citizens. The Undefeated met their first and final loss during Bloody Tears. Everything was going well in the battle for The Undefeated until Miss Shard got shattered by a frequency of 300 kHz. Seeing the death of his wife, Mister Blaze’s anger blocked his judgement and went into meltdown.

Blaze started to incinerate everything in sight and nearly killed Caped Menace, but Captain Shift managed to shift them through the nuclear fire. Blaze found the man with the frequency weapon and chased him down into an alleyway. Blaze set the entire alleyway on fire, which gave the criminal no place to run to. “Any last words?” Blaze asked the criminal.

“Just two really. Betty’s breath.” The criminal says as he smiles. Blaze’s eyes widened and looked behind himself, but it was too late. A vapor went into the air and the green, nuclear fire turned bright blue. “Ahhhhhh!!!” Blaze screamed out in pain. Blaze ran toward the criminal stuck in the alleyway.

“You’re coming with me!” Blaze screeches in pain as he sets the unarmed criminal on fire. Seconds later, the alleyway was full of ashes and scorch marks.

Copper Wire wrapped up her last criminal on her block before she heard a scream of a child. Copper Wire quickly makes it to the house where she sees a child dangling over a razor spiked fence. Copper Wire saves the child, and the scared child hugs the heroine.

“Hey little girl, where’s your parents?” Copper Wire asks. “I *sniff* *sniff* I killed them” the child informs Copper Wire before Wire looks at her chest.

Copper Wire’s body was losing its protective cover. Wire tried to charge at the deceiving child, but her legs were rusty, and the rust was spreading fast. “Goodbye, forever.” The child farewells the heroine before giving her another hug.

Copper Wire’s body fully went rust before she became a puddle. “Awwww, I liked this dress. Mezzy owes me a new one.” The child complains about her messy dress. “Miss Shard come in… Mister Blaze come in… Copper Wire come in… all their comms are offline. Megan are you alright?” Captain Shift asks his wounded comrade.

Captain Shift managed to shift him and Caped Menace to an empty building, but not before Menace’s leg got caught in Mister Blaze’s meltdown.

“We’re still in the field Captain, it’s Menace. Of course, I’m alright, I’ll need some ointment and a vacation after all this madness though.” Menace chuckles.

“Still the jokester I see. I could use a vacation as well. But we have a duty to our people to keep them safe. On another note, if everybody’s comms are down even with our oracle link then we can assume the worst.” Captain Shift informs Caped Menace.

“We all have pretty hard weaknesses to come by, how was everyone killed?” Caped Menace questions her Captain. Captain Shift paces around the room trying to think how this all happened so fast.

Before he could come up with an answer, the door burst open. A small device is thrown into the room, then the walls and floors glow for a second. “Menace grab a hold of me!” Captain Shift orders her, then tries to shift through the walls but with no avail.

“What!?” Captain is confused why he can’t shift. “We won’t be having any of that now. So please stay a little, Captain” a voice from outside the room can be heard.

Four men walked into the room surrounding the heroes before a man in a black trench coat appeared. The man removes his mask and Captain Shift is horrified. “How are you still alive!? You died back in the Toxic Mana’s Factory, how?” Captain shift questions The Man.

“Ha ha ha you really must have underestimated my abilities. To say the least, I was asleep for many of the years that I was presumed dead. On another note, you now have the answer for the death of your comrades.

You’ll be joining them very soon, but before that, I’m going to ask you two a question once. Where is Gyro?” The Man asked the trapped heroes. “Like we would ever tell you, you traitor!” Caped Menace yells at The Man.

The Man shakes his head before he whistles one of his henchmen. A henchman pulls out a gamma ray gun from his duffel bag and aims it at Caped Menace.

The Man waves his hand, then the henchman turns the dial to maximum release and fires off a beam in Caped Menace. “Ahhhhh!!!!!” Caped Menace shrieks in peril. “Like I said, I’m only going to ask you once. Now this time, I’m asking you, Captain. Where is Gyro?” The Man asks Captain Shift.

An explosion nearby diverts the attention of The Man and his henchmen from the heroes. Captain Shift sees a window of opportunity and shifts through the men to leave the room. As Captain Shift shifted, he grabbed all of their hearts and made them shift out of their bodies.

Captain Shift didn’t take even four steps away from the building before he collapsed. Captain Shift’s body was rotting at an exponential rate. “What? What have you done to me?” Captain Shift asks in a hoarse voice.

All of The Man’s henchmen fell to the ground, but The Man remains the only one standing.

“Sigh. All you had to do was answer my question and your death would’ve been less painful. I figured if the anti-shift device wasn’t as strong as I wanted, or you find another way out; I would have to have a contingency plan.

I ingested the serum of pure Aztec blood. Extremely hard to come across, but I found a lucky candidate. It’s a shame, I’ll have to burn this whole town down to find Gyro.” The Man shakes his head in disappointment.

“*cough* *cough* You’re still a madman after *cough* all these years. If you did your research *cough* *cough* You’d know that Gyro’s been dead for quite some time. So, your pitiful vendetta is *cough* in vain.” Captain struggles to inform The Man.

“Hahahaha. I knew that, I was making sure his death wasn’t a ploy. Seems like he is dead since he hasn’t appeared even when all his friends are dead. Off to his grave now.

It was nice seeing you again, Clint. May we meet in another life.” The Man bids his farewell to Captain Shift as he takes his last breath. The Man strolls through the burning town singing “What a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Will you burn tonight?”

*Ending footnote Imagine naming your group The Undefeated and get defeated in one flown swoop. Lmao the irony.

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