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The dream world

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This story is based on boy who goes to his dream world through alarm clock and he falls in love with a girl in dream world because of out break of pandemic he risks his life to save her

Adventure / Thriller
Shreya nayak
Age Rating:

Chapter -1

episode 1;-
Harry wll be going to school , like other kids and while coming home ,he wll be seeing many kids and
his friends going home with thier Mom he feels very bad why can't I go with my Mom .. whenever he
asks his Dad about his Mother. he just avoid it or change the topic ,so he just left asking about her
and keeps her in his heart ......
One day while coming home he went to his childhood home which wll be near by his school
he goes in and simply by seeing things in there he finds a alram clock and he takes it with
he just repaired it by putting cell in it and it was just looking new and Clean he feels that it is last
thing which he have in a memory of his Mother.. but it will be his grandfathers gift given to his mother.... and he always keep next to his bed and sleep......

One night he wll keep alaram at 5 'o clock and sleep he will be dreaming and he opens his eyes and
see's a New City with huge Building,Vechiles,People walking ,Sunshine .. He wll be wandering where
did he he Come ....... he will be walking along the road , Feeling Hungry too ..he walks into
an Restraunt he will see rate of the things kept on the table . he will not be having any money so he
wll just come out of the Restraunt near his leg one 50 paise coin he wll see and picks it up and one
Blind Man wll come near him and tell him " My Coin Has Fell Down Plz Can You Help Me To
Find Out The Coin " I feel that your not blind , plz help me ... " He Feels One Coin I Got That
Also gone..however it is his so he give it off to him ..he sat near chair outside the restraunt , Rain
started showering heavily he runs in to the Restraunt Entrance and stand there , he feels what a waste
Dream , while seeing for the time for a sec he see's a Girl running towards restraunt , he feels she
is coming towards him and makes his hairs nice and dress too .....
she runs and goes inside without careing him he feels " What a Stupid I Am " she again comes out
and says " I am Sorry "he asks why your asking ? ..she says " I Stampped On Your Feet and went "
so i am sorry ,he wll say what you stampped ohh ..It's OK !! ... she asked him " why your sense
dont work properly ? " he says enough ...she asked him hare your hungry right and he says
with overacting face " No Not at all " ..his stomach sounds and she laughed at him and they had some
snacks together ....and they go back to bus stand to wait for the bus rain just dissappeard and she
asked him where do you live , he said " I Live in Indoor " she started laughing said your kidding me
he say's " no its my place there only i live " she said " I never heard such place in my Life time"
He said " then what is this place " with tension face .. she said its " Indiana " Bus arrived she goes
in and said him you wont come in ..this is the last bus , he wont reply and stand like a freezed
person . she leave's him there and go ...... one old lady will be passing by the road her bag will tear
and all the vegetables fell on the road... he wll be standing still vechicles will horn loudly because....
of blockage of the road he comes to his sense and run to her and help her she wll thank him and because
of her age he feels pity.....
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