The blue stone

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This is a story about a girl named Rachel who will get a job in HQ SQUAD, a researching company that researches relics and ancient ornaments all around the world. she joined this company for adventure and soon she will realize a strange adventure in her life. twists are about to come and tangle her life.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“umm... Excuse me? can you tell me where this office is located?” after entering that multistory majestic building, that girl asked the counter lady for the directions of the company officials that appointed her for the job. Setting her glasses on her nose, that lady looked at the company card. A little surprised she looked at that girl... Then at the card and then again at her.

A little puzzled, she said,

“you meant the office of HQ SQUAD?” she nodded.

“hmm..take the lift to floor 8,” the lady told that girl with stern expressions while sitting back comfortably at her chair. The girl thanked her and walked toward the lift but could feel that lady’s eyes following her. She took the lift and pressed the button to the 5th floor and stood there with a little confused and a bit nervous expressions.

she was a beautiful young lady, with pitch-black hair braided with some of the strands out, giving her braid a rough yet classy touch. Her dark brown eyes expressing her inner state well than her body language that was quite normal. her wristwatch was ticking and the sound could be heard in that quiet lift where she was all alone waiting to get interviewed for her twentieth job. All she was hoping was to make it this time here…


In the HQ SQUAD main office, there was seated a man... A very beautiful man probably in his early thirties, wearing a dark blue dress shirt, rolex watch on wrist, hair slicked back in style with gel. With the collars of his shirts unbuttoned, he was focused on some file papers with elegant glasses settled on his nose. Everything about him shouted “class”.

He let out his beautiful deep voice on hearing the knock, “come in!”, without looking up from the papers.

Rachel entered the office hesitantly, her hand still on knob of the door.

“umm..I’m here for the interview, sir?”

He looked up at her and nodded as if he knew, then he signaled her to sit on the chair at front of his desk. Rachel, nervously caressing her bag’s strap, sat on the chair,now even biting her lips.

“Ms... Rachel?“, he said as if he was confirming and looked at her. She got attentive.

“yes sir”, replied while straightening herself.

He passed a smile at her.

“relax ms. Rachel”, then he looked at a file, probably her resume,

“you have been fired by all the companies you worked for previously and you are confident that you will get to stay here for longer period of time... That is what you have written in the expectations area in the resume. Am I right Miss Rachel?” he said with a firm tone.

Rachel gulped and nodded.

” why do you think so? “, he said while interlocking his fingers and resting his hands on the table. As if he had all the time just for her to state her reason.

" well. As you can see that I have been fired from all the previous company but still instead of getting gloomy, I am consistent and hopeful that one day I might be able to get my place and I believe that everything happens for a reason and is good for us---“,

”so you believe in fate?” he interrupted her.

“aa... Yes of course...“,

“well, I don’t”,


"miss rachel I actually dont have time for your philosophy on fate and belief. All I want to hear is can you do your job as a researcher and assistant for our beloved company?” he asked as if he was bored and wanted to end the conversation that had not even started yet.

Rachel got hesitant for a moment but the very next second, she nodded with assurance,

“I hope so?”,

"Your words don’t match your actions mam, be confident. You shouldn’t be hoping, you’d be doing”.while saying that he took a file and handed it over to her,

“have this job done by tonight. you'll be sitting outside in the cabin and will be working as my assistant as well. Wish you good luck”, he said straight forwardly and wore the glasses that he took away for some time and focused on the file once again....

Rachel,not ready for all the quick actions being taken, was still puzzled, standing with the file in her arms. He looked up a little and frowned, “didn’t you hear me?go and work!“.rachel went out of the office, still puzzled.

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